While She Sleeps - So What? - Album Review
While She Sleeps - So What? - Album Review10
While She Sleeps - So What? - Album Review10
While She Sleeps - So What? - Album Review10
While She Sleeps - So What? - Album Review10
While She Sleeps - So What? - Album Review10
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While She Sleeps are now somewhat veterans of UK Rock, with their 13 year career, the 4 piece from Sheffield bring us the follow up to the crowd funded and self-released fantastic release from 2017 titled You Are We.

These gents don’t tend to fuck about and have in the past created some absolutely raging bangers, so when phrases like “We’ve let our hair down and we’ve got our bollocks out….I’m not cutting corners. I’ve been writing like this will be my last album” are being banded around it certainly gets the juices flowing.

‘Anti-Social’ opens the album, fitting as it’s the first single to be released, with a little electronic influence to open up before the massively chunky riff kicks in, you know its welcome back and strap yourself in. The combination of the riffs with some punishing bass and drums providing the lower down beating, before an anthemic sounding chorus, which lends itself to being sung along with. All this with the typically powerful and aggressive vocal, oh and a rather hefty breakdown, this is certainly a way to open an album.

This sounds slightly different to other Whilst She Sleeps albums, however the riffs are just razor sharp and so tight, the guitars are intricate and carry some significant weight as the drums really push the tracks further and add something to each track. The melodies are atmospheric and provide a calming moment in the madness.

‘Inspire’ features rapid lyrics and some synth along with the aggression and precision we expect now from this album, along with the huge sing along, there is no doubt that this is a future live favourite, I just hope the floors are strong enough to hold the amount of people bouncing in unison.

‘Set You Free’ begins nice and calmly, before exploding into a fret exploring solo and winding up to full breakneck speed, with screaming and singing aplenty, a glorious breakdown and everything else you could wish from a massive track.

So What? has no stand out tracks as the whole album is full of absolute belters that will have you dancing around the kitchen, screaming in the bathroom and headbanging in the car. No matter what mood you may be in before listening to this, I guarantee that you will feel better afterwards. If the energy and passion felt throughout these track can be replicated live, the venues being performed in need to start preparing now, as While She Sleeps have redefined and lifted “not fucking about” to a whole new level, I and fucking love it.

Ed Ford

So What? is released March 1st 2019 through Sleep Brothers.



Track List

  2. I’ve Seen It All
  3. Inspire
  4. So What?
  5. The Guilty Party
  6. Haunt Me
  7. Elephant
  8. Set You Free
  9. Good Grief
  10. Back of My Mind
  11. Gates of Paradise








Tue 26 Feb       Nottingham      Rock City

Wed 27 Feb     Glasgow            SWG 3

Thu 28 Feb       Leeds                O2 Academy

Fri 01 Mar        London             Roundhouse


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