WHAM BAM! realease new single Outlaw Love.

WHAM BAM! realease new single Outlaw Love. 
The banging new single from melodic groove duo WHAM BAM! is another groovy rocker that will have you singing along in a jiffy. Staying true to their unique musical recipe – the song is a catchy mix of old school grunge and rock and roll, infused with some modern pop flavours.

Lyrically the song deals with the idea of how we all wear masks and tend to change our social identity to fit in, impress, hide or protect ourselves on a daily basis, almost like bandits, and how difficult it can be to know who the real person is behind the mask (“Jekyll and Hyde, we disguise ourselves and get away every time”).

Check out the fun lyric video – it’s another signature Wham Bam! Visual treat, this time featuring some classic Robin Hood cartoons to visualise the songs’ theme.

Recorded and mixed at HopePunk Studios, UK and mastered at TL Mastering, South Africa Lyric video concept and editing by Karate Water Visual Arts, South Africa

Watch the lyric video for Outlaw Love
WHAM BAM! is a unique collaboration creating unfiltered rock and groove with catchy dual vocal harmonies. If you grew up in the grunge era and also dig old – school rock & roll, this is your jam.

Nico Tourelle lives on a farm in the quiet Karoo in South Africa, and Gideon Kretschmer lives the island life in the Channel Islands (UK). They’ve been making music together since 1996, and lucky for you, the creative magic has just gotten stronger over the years, resulting in their latest powerful groove potion Wham Bam! Author and word wizard Ramon Rabie (based in Thailand) also joins the duo from time to time sprinkling some super tasty lyrical spices into the mixing pot.

Their music lives up to their name – focusing on keeping it simple, groovy and catchy. They specialise in creating unique sonic ear worms that sneak up on your ear holes and before you know it, their having a little sing-along jam inside your brain and you can’t help but join party.

The band have released 4 singles to date – “ON YOUR OWN”, “FOOL’S GOLD”, “ALLEEN” and “CATCHING THE SUN” are available now on all platforms and epic music videos for each are on our youtube channel. Their 5th single “OUTLAW LOVE” joins the party on Friday 10 September.

BAND LINKS • All the key links – https://linktr.ee/whambamofficial
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