Whales Don’t Fly // The Golden Sea // Album Review


Whales Don’t Fly take you on an interesting sonic journey with their debut album “The Golden Sea”, blending facets of thrash, heavy metal and metalcore with strong prog tendencies.

Wedged between the ethereal opening track, “Ancient Mystery”, and the closer, “Mother Nature’s Newborn”, are seven epic stunners that will enthrall you. “Man And The Pilgrim” is a thrash metalcore mash up that is heavy on riffs, pounding drums and thumping bass with singer Afonso switching it up between clean and screamed vocals; a brilliant track. “Journey Begins” continues in a similar vein with a cacophony of sound that subsides when the chorus hits giving a more tempered feel which in turn lifts the song to a crescendo with some amazing guitar work. “Mountain Peak” is more metalcore than thrash for my money but none the less it is a stonking track, blistering drums, savage guitars and a stunning vocal performance from Alfonso giving you one hell of a track. “Dream Walker” is a bass lead prog rockers delight from its off-beat opening and languid vocals that meander along, it ebbs and flows throughout the track before finishing off on a high with some cracking guitars, a nice change of pace. “Blossom In The Dark” kicks it back up a notch or three with a galloping beat powered by chugging riffs and crushing drums; aided by Alfonso’s amazing vocals and an intricate solo; this is one hell of a track. “A Journey’s End” opens heavily before it descends into a prog jazzy trip with screamed vocals over it but when the music intensifies the vocals mellow giving a nice juxtaposition, a strange but cool track.

“The Golden Sea” is an opus of epic proportions; this goes from thrash to heavy metal for the first half of the song before a groovy instrumental takes over showcasing the immense talent of the band right up till the end before Alfonso comes back in on vocals to close the track out, absolutely amazing.


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The Golden Sea Tracklist:

   Ancient Mystery 1:44
   Man and the Pilgrim 6:02
   Journey Begins 7:09
   Mountain Peak 5:08
   Dream Walker 8:14
   Blossom in the Dark 6:30
   A Journey’s End 6:46
   The Golden Sea 11:40
   Mother Nature’s Newborn 2:38



Rafael Afonso – Vocals/Guitar
Jorge Rocha – Guitar
César Bento – Drums
José Pedro Boura – Bass


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Whales Don’t Fly // The Golden Sea // Album Review
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