Whale and the Wolf Drop New Single VEINS

Our new single, Veins,” is here and streaming everywhere!

We teamed up with Grammy-nominated producer Jimmy Mansfield and Paul Rogers.


“Veins” is about the endless battle with your inner demons. The negotiation.

The self-medication of those feelings and the addiction that can come with them.  


It came about the same way our innermost and darkest desires appear,

out of the fog of the subconscious. Creeping closer and closer to the forefront of the mind. 


A desire begging for action to make it tangible. 

Much like the vices and impulses that find their way into fruition in our day-to-day. 


This the second single from our upcoming EP, ENVY, which shares the darker theme of self-reflection and struggling with self-acceptance. 


Look out for the “Veins” music video premiere on May 21st.


A huge thank you for listening,

Whale and the Wolf 

Photoshoot via FaceTime by Isy Townsend
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