New Album: “Smart Phone Rabbit Hole”

Release Date: 20th September 2019

For a sneak peek of the new record please check out the first two videos:
“Everybody Says Hi”

“High Shoulders Everywhere”


“Smartphone Rabbit Hole” is a very energetic, pulsating contemporary rock record, which proudly embraces elements of the raw and audacious old school blues, along-side hints to the warm country vibes and soulful vocals.

 “Thumping good music with a timeless sound. They have an ear for a hit and deliver in killers not fillers” – Classic Rock

 “Welsh Brothers boogie out of their garage” – Mojo Magazine

“Stomping albums by Welsh blues brothers” – Uncut Magazine

“One of the few authentic sounding British blues-rock bands touring the circuit today” – Blues Matters

Hailing from South Wales, Henry’s Funeral Shoe is thrilled to announce brand new album “Smart Phone Rabbit Hole” due for release on 20thSeptember 2019. To coincide with the new record announcement, the Welsh duo is launching the first single “Everybody Says Hi” today.

You can watch video here –

With “Smart Phone Rabbit Hole” the Clifford brothers created a modern, complex yet familiar record; filled with no fillers, the listener is taken on a powerful roller-coaster ride through the best of British rock ‘n’ roll. Anchored in today’s music landscape, each and every track on the album is bursting with energy, pulsating with a stomping beat and is masterfully led by the unique vocals of front man Aled. Produced by Tim Hamill and Henry’s Funeral Shoe, “Smart Phone Rabbit Hole” showcases a mature band that has finely crafted their sound injecting contemporary rock with a blend of audacious and honest old-school bluesy rock, warm country vibes and soulful vocals.

Reflecting on the album the band comments: “Rock ‘n’ roll songs peppered with some soul & country. Songs bursting to be the soundtrack to a night out and a cold pillow to a Sunday hangover. Think Primal Scream & Rory Gallagher at a lock in doing Stooges & Bowie on the karaoke.”

The blend of passionate rock and raw blues-feel seems to be woven into the fabric of the band’s soundscape, like an invisible thread that binds together the pounding opener “Everybody Says Hi”, the hand clapping upbeat “High Shoulders Everywhere”, the tender, almost country “Right Time”, the groovy “Same Boat Different Sale” and all the other tracks on the record. To close off this accomplished album and showcasing an even broader songwriting is “Ball & Chain”, a track that creates an atmospheric, almost bucolic, epilogue to the entire record.

Formed by two Welsh brothers in 2008, Henry’s Funeral has been inspired and influenced by many of the albums singer/guitarist Aled Clifford looted from his father’s vinyl collection, such as: The Who, Credence Clearwater Revival, Peter Green, Robert Johnson and the Beatles. His younger brother Brennig started playing drums at nine and at fifteen joined a local band performing covers of classic rock legends, including: The Clash and Thin Lizzy. In 2008 the dexterous brothers joined forces to create some of the loudest soulful rock ’n’ roll to come out the UK in a long time.

Track List

  1. Everybody Says Hi
  2. High Shoulders Everywhere
  3. Firing Line
  4. Damn Right I mean it
  5. Right Time
  6. Quick As A Hiccup
  7. Same Boat Different Sale
  8. Smartphone Rabbit Hole
  9. The Fear
  10. Ball And Chain

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