We Were Sharks Drop New Single/Video “New Low”

As musicians, we consider it important to challenge ourselves to grow, evolve, and continue to be inspired by new sounds. The hardest part is doing that and finding a way to still stick to your roots and not forget where you came from. 

We’ve been a band for almost 10 years and we’re fortunate to have fans who were there from the beginning. “New Low,” taken from our brand new record out today, is our latest love letter to those who’ve been with us since We Were Sharks began.

View the official music video for “New Low” on YouTube.

Listen to New Low, the new album out now, on your preferred streaming service. 


New Low is a collection of songs that we created that focuses on being down but not out. 

Since the release of our debut album, Lost Touch, we’ve experienced many of life’s ups and downs.
We’ve lost relationships, friends and family, and have gone through a lot of unexpected challenges that life has a tendency to throw at you when you least expect it.

 However, no matter what may have tried to keep us down or hold us back, we have always taken the hit and continue to push forward.

Thank you for accompanying us on this journey,

🦈 We Were Sharks 🦈
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