We Were Sharks Drop New Single ‘Problems’

In the heat of the moment, we can find ourselves saying things that we don’t genuinely mean, and that’s where problems can sometimes start. 

Our new single focuses on the stubbornness that can happen regardless of whether two people passionately love one another or if they are angry with each other.

Give Problems” a listen on your preferred streaming service.


Written with Paul Marc Rousseau of Silverstein, “Problems” was approached from the ground up in the studio, unlike our previous writing style which began with hammering out ideas as a band.

This time around, we discussed what sound we were going for, the feeling of the track, and the story we sought to tell before evaluating and making changes throughout the writing process.

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We’re all human. We always have the opportunity to do what’s right for the important people in our lives and do what’s right for ourselves.

It’s not that the love between one another is gone, even when it sometimes feels like it; instead, “Problems” is about needing to be heard.

🦈 We Were Sharks 🦈
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