Florida Pop-Rock group We The Kings will this week release their new EP ‘SAGA.’ The EP is available for pre-order now and features the singles “Turn It Up,” “These Nights,” and “No 1 Like U.We The Kings also released their new song “Falling (So In Love),” an infectious track that kicks off with a familiar sound that fans have come to love and eases the listener into an electronic, pulsing pop chorus that is destined to become their next anthem.

Click HERE to watch the lyric video for “These Nights and HERE to watch the lyric video for “Falling (So In Love)”

Speaking on the EP and single, vocalist/guitarist Travis Clark says “The entire EP, ‘SAGA’ is all about the journey we’ve been through as a band and in our individual lives. Each of the 6 songs represents one of the 6 albums we have released in our career. Our 4th single, “Falling (So In Love)” represents where I was during the writing of our 4th album ‘Somewhere Somehow.’ During the year of writing and recording that album, I met and married my wife, so it only seems right that the track representing that album should be a love song.”


“In the lyrics, I use specific times from when I remember saying to myself “I am in love with this girl.” Although there have been many times over the course of our relationship where I have continued to fall more in love, the times I wrote about were: the day we met, the day I met her family, and the day I asked her to marry me. “Falling (So In Love)” is a deeper look into a relationship that many of our fans have followed for years.”

The band has taken the past year at home to put together the ‘SAGA’ EP, which will be released on February 5th via S-Curve records/BMG. Travis Clark, along with Hunter Thomsen (guitar), Danny Duncan (drums), Charles Trippy (bass) and Coley O’Toole (keyboard, guitar) used 2020 and renewed drive to write new music that comes from an honest perspective of being a musician and parent during a pandemic.

We The Kings exploded onto the music scene in 2007 with the release of their self-titled debut, producing singles like “Check Yes Juliet” and follow-ups including “Sad Song,” “Heaven Can Wait,” “We’ll Be A Dream (feat. Demi Lovato),” and “Say You Like Me.” Over the course of eight albums, EPs and countless singles the band has built a loyal fan base, leading to packed tours, festivals and a 2017 worldwide tour with sold out dates celebrating 10 years of their self- titled debut. Clark has also fine-tuned his production and writing skills, continuing to expand his home studio and furthering his co-writing efforts which have resulted in standout singles with other artists such as Avril Lavigne, Simple Plan and more.


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