We Sell The Dead — feat. In Flames’ Niclas Engelin and Drömriket’s Jonas Slättung — return with a brand new album. The band’s sophomore release Black Sleep arrives on February 21st via earMUSIC, bringing a riveting mix of dark and raw heavy metal with catchy songs about death as an integral part of life and living.

The band has shared the video for the new single “Across the Water.” Watch and listen here.

“The term ‘Black Sleep’ is, of course, a metaphor for death,” the band explains. “‘Eternal sleep’ is a somewhat more frequently used term, but we wanted an expression that sounded both sinister and soft at the same time. Because it is quite a beautiful thing — this short life of ours. Blink and it’s over. And, most importantly, death is not the enemy. Indifference and life without meaning are. We are all going to die, eventually, all of us, sometime sooner or later. Life isn’t about sitting and waiting for that to happen. Life is about taking what you’ve got and squeezing the most out of it.”

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