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WE ARE SOVEREIGN take in brutal metalcore riffs and laced with engulfing vocal lines. The Brit newcomers release their debut single and accompanying video, Bridges Burnt Lessons Learnt (Betrayal) featuring Ryan Tuck O’Leary from Fit For A King, on Friday 20th August. With that in mind, Laura Russell one of the two vocalists of We Are Sovereign exclusively gives us six tracks that have greatly influenced the band’s sound:

“At number 1 is Blessthefall – Higinia (2007)


Laura:  This track is one of the first Blessthefall songs I ever heard and as a band were one of the first in this genre I got into alongside Eyes Set To Kill. They introduced me to a whole different kind of energy and vocal style. This song in particular has a massive influence on We Are Sovereign’s sound especially the guitars and vocals. Every riff is so powerful and catchy and the energy of this song is something else and the sound we have is hugely influenced by the metalcore genre. Being released many years ago it has the old nostalgic metalcore sound which is the sound we’re bringing back and it’s 100% still a song I jam out today many years later! The whole layout of the song is a massive influence to our sound. Every riff is catchy, the way the vocals go back and forth between the cleans and screams throughout and there just isn’t one dull section in sight. It was also a massive influence vocally because it was one of the first songs that that I ever heard in that genre where the vocals (screams and clean vocals) overlapped but still complimented each other and it still sounded incredible. I used to scream this song a lot years ago in band practices which you can probably tell as I feel there’s a similar comparison and influence to my sound vocally if you listen carefully. Overall the album Blessthefall – His Last Walk is a huge influence.

  1. Killwhitneydead – Love Is Like A Mouth Full Of Broken Glass ( 2004)


Laura: Now this band was a life changer for me and the way I perceived song writing. This is the first band I ever came across that used samples in their tracks in this genre and I remember hearing this song for the first time and being so fascinated. I couldn’t believe how powerful the samples made the song alongside the instruments and vocals. I love how the band told a story with vocals and how they used the samples to emphasise the song concept. The whole album “Never Good Enough For You” is full of samples and the band and this song are definitely the reason I started using them and introduced them into We Are Sovereign’s sound years later. You’ll hear a lot of them on all of our tracks! It’s such an effective way to story tell in your music, portray real emotion and hit the listener hard.

  1. Attack Attack! – Stick Stickly (2008)


Laura: You’re probably thinking why are all of these songs so old haha but We Are Sovereign’s sound is a mix of all the different bands I listened to growing up. I was a teenager at the time the whole metal core, post hardcore, emo genres, style and sound were at their peak so all of this nostalgia takes the front for the sound influence of We Are Sovereign. This track has influenced the synth writing massively. The breakdowns with synth powering over it and the melodic cleans in the chorus with the fast energy and the screams complimenting it is what We Are Sovereign are all about! Just everything about this song screams We Are Sovereign’s song writing. The synth on this song was definitely a massive influence as it brought a dancey feel but still so heavy at the same time. They were one of the bands back then that paved the way for bands like ourselves with this sound. It was also the first song I ever heard in this genre with synth and ever since I’ve been in love with that sound and brought it into We Are Sovereign’s song writing.

  1. A Day To Remember – You Should’ve Killed Me When You Had The Chance) 2008


Laura: There’s two versions of this song, I don’t know about everybody else but the re-release is definitely my favourite which dropped on their myspace in 2008. Me and Ash (co vocalist of We Are Sovereign) are both massive A Day To Remember fans. We both listened to all their albums growing up and they have a massive influence on our vocal sounds and writing. This song in particular is a huge influence on the energy we bring to the vocals. The song is so fast paced, the screams are angry, the cleans are so melodic, the chorus is so god damn catchy. This song is also the song that introduced me to gang vocals which you’ll hear on our tracks! I remember hearing the end section of the song and thinking wow that sounds so good! I’d heard them before in a band called Casey Jones but not like in ADTR where they bring a melodic vibe to them. The build up towards the end of the song with the intense bass drum underneath as well influenced us to have different feels to different sections and to bring in vocal build ups. Overall this song and every ADTR song is the reason we write vocals the way we do today. The way the drums are written in A Day To Remember are also a massive influence to our style you’ll find in our songs.

  1. I Prevail – Hurricane – (2019)


Laura – This is probably the most modern song I’ve posted. Me and Ash are also huge I Prevail fans and their writing style is a massive influence to us both. This album came out the year we both met and we still blast it to this day. It was an album we were listening to throughout the whole vocal writing process. The intensity and emotion behind their voices in every lyric they scream and sing is so inspiring. Every scream is brutal, every melody is so catchy and every chorus they write is mind blowing. This song is something else. I think the biggest influence we take away from this song is making sure every vocal melody is catchy. No matter how many times we have to re-write and re-arrange a section, it’s worth it. The chorus in this song is so emotional and they portray their emotions so well through the vocals. It definitely influences the modern sound you’ll find slightly in We Are Sovereign.

  1. Bullet For Valentine – Tears Don’t Fall (2005)


Laura: Early Bullet For My Valentine is a massive influence to our sound. The guitar riffs, harmonies and their ability to cover so many different energies in one song. This song starts off with soft guitar lead followed by powerful screams then into the most epic chorus. The poison album influenced having different feels to different sections and bringing in that soft emotional vocal/ music side while still retaining the heavier metal sound. They do it so well, especially in this song!  It’s also a massive influence to the vocal writing as this song is the reason I picked up a microphone. The song also represents that even though they’re a metal band you can still have songs and sections with  a calmer energy, not every song has to be brutal or in your face. Bullet does this very well and has such a nice balance between heavy, ballads and medium energy and that definitely influenced us to do the same with our sound.”

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