WDFD Records Ltd are delighted to announce that Scottish rock band PARIAH SOUL are launching their new EP via the label on 11th May.
The EP consists of 4 tracks of glorious blues-based rock songs headed up by the stunning “Hang”. Bass man Jason said, “We are really proud of these tracks and we hope that people can connect with the raw emotion that went in to the recording. We would love you to get in touch and let us know what you think!”
The official launch party is at The Admiral in Glasgow on 11th May and the boys will then be travelling south to support their new label mates THEIA on 18th May at The Sitwell in Derby.
Keith Lamley spoke about the very quick decision to bring the band on board – “I was introduced to the guys via a mutual contact and was very impressed by their approach and their work ethic. Once I heard the tracks it was an easy decision to make. I am really looking forward to working with them in the future and building on this launch.”
For more information on the band visit https://www.facebook.com/Pariahsoul/

Fellow label mates Anonymous have also made the bold move to change their name to THE HOWLING TIDES. Although the band have built up a great reputation and name-awareness, it was proving a problem on social media where the term “anonymous” brought up some weird and wonderful results and made it difficult to find the band and their music in searches.
Speaking about the change they said, “This re-vamp has given us all fresh motivation and enthusiasm, and from here we’ll be moving forward as fast and as passionately as we possibly can. We’re off to Ibiza for HRH Road Trip in just a few days where we’ll play our first show in another country, and in the coming weeks we’ll be dropping a lot of fresh new stuff and making a few more big announcements.”
For more information on the band visit https://www.facebook.com/TheHowlingTides/
Meanwhile THEIA have completed a wonderfully successful support tour with Chasing Dragons, and whilst they were away they received the news that the The Ghost Light Pledge Campaign has achieved its target. We are hugely proud of them and know that the third album is going to be the best yet. The Pledge Campaign will remain open until 24th June and more exclusive items are due to be added for supporters.
The THEIA boys now move on to The Sitwell in Derby on 18th May with PARIAH SOUL, 27th May at The Giffard in Wolverhampton for DementiaAware fest and Wildfire Fest on 23rd June amongst other dates. https://www.facebook.com/THEIAofficial

Upcoming Gigs:
18th May, The Sitwell Tavern, Derby
26th May. Redrum, Stafford with The Jokers
27th May, DementiaFest, Wolverhampton
8th June, Gresley Old Hall, Burton
23rd June, Wildfire Festival, Scotland
30th June, Brickfest 18, Hartshorne
7th July, The Giffard Arms with Chasing Dragons
14th July, SOS Festival, Manchester (Acoustic)
3rd August, Route 44, Birmingham with Almost Easy
4th August, Big Rock Weekender, Derby
26th August, Giff-Fest, Wolverhampton
15th September, Buzzfest, Stourbridge
7th October, Four Sticks Festival, New Cross Inn, London

Back In Line (June 12th  2017)
THEIA I – EP (Mar 2013)
THEIA II – EP (Sept 2013)
Take The Pill – Album (Sept 2015)

THEIAare:  Kyle Lamley – guitars & vocals, Paul Edwards – bass & vocals, Jake Dalton – drums
Website www.THEIAuk.com
Twitter @theia_uk
Facebook facebook.com/THEIAofficial
YouTube https://www.youtube.com/user/THEIAofficial/videos

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