WatchPoint North, Stand Atlantic, and more on Sounds of the Underground

episode 5

Watch Point North, Stand Atlantic, and more on Episode 5 of Sounds of the Underground

Do you love artists with that Hopeless Records sound? What about the artists that are actually on Hopeless Records? Well, Sounds of the Underground has teamed up with KMGMT to bring you a powerhouse episode featuring just that!

Sounds of the Underground is the first and only alternative music show focused on exposing up-and-coming artists while showcasing them alongside major artists and international talent. Developed by Johnny Zirkel of The Wildfires Projekt, and airing on CBS, Sounds of the Underground is bringing music to a starving audience once more.

We had a great time on the show, it felt good to perform after not playing together for so long. Thank you to SOTU / CBS for having us on,” – Jon Lundin (Point North)

Was super excited to be a part of Sounds of the Underground! Their team was super cool and I have a lot of respect for what they’re doing. Got the chance to play our track “Big Cat Judgement Day” acoustic and hope you love it!” – Jayden Seeley (With Confidence)

The SOTU x KMGMT team-up airs on November 18th and will include exclusive performances by Point North, Stand Atlantic, With Confidence, and Twin XL.

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I couldn’t have asked for a better way to close out the season than with such a powerhouse of alternative artists,” Zirkel says regarding the SOTU x KMGMT team-up. “This is an episode to be remembered!

episode 5 1

Photo by Katelynne Wagner



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