Watch Cheridomingo’s Moody, Alt-Rock Music Video, “Drugs”

Watch Cheridomingo’s Moody, Alt-Rock Music Video, “Drugs”

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Four-piece indie rock band Cheridomingo of Los Angeles has returned with a new music video for their single “Drugs.” Premiering on New Noise Magazine, the track is their debut on the start-up indie label Honey Pit.

Combining elements of early 2000’s post-hardcore/emo with the modern sound of alternative rock radio, the juxtapose track lures you in with soft melodies that sweetly caress your cheek before grabbing you by the face with both hands and demanding your full attention.

There’s an introspective vibe of the track that feels like you’re watching vocalist Anthony Avina talk to himself and directly to you at the same time. “It started off as a journal entry and form of therapy,” says Avina, who is joined in the band by Alex Gonzalez, Simon Beck, and Adam Dobrucki. “The words inspired the melodies and aggressive guitar chords, and from there it quickly took the shape you hear today.


CREDIT: Madie Ramser

Beginning with an intimate, half-time hook, the track quickly picks up the pace with pulsating, anthemic verses. A sea of masked intruders are seen passing by Avina, who is nonchalantly sporting the best pair of overalls in indie rock.

Can we both be on drugs that make us hate everyone?” yells Avina as he seems to reach an emotional breaking point in a final chorus of aggression and angst.

Cheridomingo formed with a goal of writing music that gives them the same goosebumps they get listening to their favorite bands. They have since continued to convey their feelings and sense of togetherness through their music and performances to a growing audience. The quartet released their debut EP Feelingsin 2018, followed by a pair of singles.

Listen to the single “Drugs” now on Spotify.


…mixing emotional vocals and anxiety-laden lyrics with high-energy sets and a little bit of that sweet, sweet early 20s angst.

Indie-rock quartet Cheridomingo seamlessly capture the jaded feeling of aching exhaustion.
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