Waste Down Rebels: ‘Mercies & Curses’ – Featuring Steve Blazeof Lillian Axe on all lead vocals, and Virus from Dope


‘Mercies & Curses’ – Featuring Steve Blaze
of Lillian Axe on all lead vocals, and Virus from Dope

‘Mercies & Curses’ from Waste Down Rebels is issued on CD through The Store For Music [Cat No SJPCD650] on 28 April 2023.  This, the fourth album from the hard rockers from Frederick, Maryland, led by Rick Ayers, features Steve Blaze of Lillian Axe on all lead vocals, and Virus of the band Dope.

The guitarist and songwriter of Waste Down Rebels, Rick, had the music for a few complete tracks demo’d and reached out to Steve Blaze from Lillian Axe to see if he would be interested in tracking vocals and writing lyrics. This all began to unfold at the start of the COVID pandemic, so they had the time to see how things might progress, and if the synergy between parties transpired. As Rick says, “Listening to the first track Steve wrote for the album, I instantly knew this was the direction I wanted to go for a complete collection that became twelve tracks. Virus also played a key role in my song writing for numerous tracks that are on the album”.

Something that Steve said became the seed that would resonate throughout the ‘Mercies and Curses’ album. “We live in a time where hypocrisy runs rampant and accountability for actions is non-existent.  However, there is a much higher power and strength within each of us that is attainable as the individual reaches true maturity and awareness.  It is a clean cut line of delineations between good and evil and every individual is quite aware of where they stand.  Each day is a cultivation of growth towards the achievement of greatness in the lives of good people, whereas those who play on the wrong side devolve into self-consumption.”

‘Mercies & Curses’ from Waste Down Rebels is a powerful statement from a high energy modern rock band with plenty to say.


1. Let My People Go / 2. The Fork In Your Tongue / 3. Mercies and Curses / 4. Seasons / 5. Slave the Day / 6. Fraction of the Hole / 7. Black Hearted Drum / 8. One Minute Closer / 9. The Day We Take Our Own / 10. Solitude / 11. Set My Sights On You / 12. Everybody Wants It All