Wars // A Hundred Shivers // Album Review


I will admit I had never heard of Wars before I was given this album and it is safe to say that they now have a new fan.

On first listen you will be blown away by what pours out of your speaker and it will take a couple of plays to fully appreciate the pure quality of this band, the sheer power and ferocity they generate is off the charts, even with a ballad like the closing track, “As Within, So Without” it is evident. “So The Soul” kicks it all off with a pounding drum beat and cool riff before Vicars comes screaming in, hardcore style, over the top of them and continues until the chorus hits, this is where they manage to meld melodic vocals with the intensity of the music to outstanding effect, the song continues to swing back and forth for the remainder giving you a cracking opener. “But The Light Trembles In” comes in a lot softer than its predecessor before exploding into a metalcore masterpiece, killer guitars, hammering drums and a thick bass are the order of the day as Vicars tears the throat out of himself with a stunning vocal performance, possibly the best track on the album.

“Grief, They Named It” is a catchy number the hooks you from the off, groovy riffs and a slapping bass line hits you from the get go, added to that the thumping drums and cool vocals you have one hell of a track. “A Fragile Thing” is packed with some deadly riffs as the guitars play off against one another nicely, the alternation between the clean and screamed vocals is awesome with the song being driven along by a killer high tempo beat. After a brief instrumental, “(A Ceaseless Sense Of Our Demise)”, you get thrown back in at full tilt with “A Hell Behind My Eyes” packed with crushing drums, heavy ass riffs and a massive bass line that when added to Vicars savage vocal effort gives you an absolute monster of a track. “High Art, Low Culture” blasts into life with some cutting riffs and brutal vocals, the song ebbs and flows between clean and harsh vocals with some cool atmospheric guitars adding a little extra spice to an already hot track. “I Don’t Feel A Thing” emerges from a synth opening to some heavy chugging riffs and a kicking drum beat from where the song takes off at a fair clip, the groovy riff that runs throughout the track is brilliant and you will be humming it all day long, only to ease up at the chorus’, another amazing song. “Murmurs” has a lighter feel to it with airy guitars and a little more cleaner singing than previous tracks, it has more of a radio play vibe than other songs on the album which is a good thing as it will lead to more exposure. “A Fog Of Feeling” rips right off the bat with sharp heavy riffs and blistering drums, Vicars lets fly with the screaming vocals but reigns it in for the breakdowns and chorus’, this is metalcore 101 and it kick ass. “Only Monsters” has a certain groove to it; nifty riffs, pounding drums and bass, the vocals are next level once again. “As Within, So Without” closes out an epic album in the shape of a powerful ballad, an unusual way to finish an album like this but it works really well.

“A Hundred Shivers” is out 26th of November, you can do no wrong picking this up.


Review: Conor





Wars are:

Rob Vicars                Vocals

Sam Barnard            Guitar, vocals

Matt Burns               Guitar

Rich Bennett            Bass

Lee Tysall                  Drums





Wars // A Hundred Shivers // Album Review