Wardaemonic // Acts of Repentance // Album Review
Wardaemonic // Acts of Repentance // Album Review9
Wardaemonic // Acts of Repentance // Album Review9
Wardaemonic // Acts of Repentance // Album Review9
Wardaemonic // Acts of Repentance // Album Review9
Wardaemonic // Acts of Repentance // Album Review9
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Originally formed in early 2005, Wardaemonic released their debut Through The Dank Pale Gravelands in 2006 and were we immediately welcomed into the Black Metal world and then in 2007 the track ‘Nattens Madringal’ was included on the double Ulver tribute album. The second full-length offering Echoes Of Ageless Flames was released in 2008 and 2013 saw the release of the Proclamation EP. The band has toured bot locally but also supporting heavyweights, Behemoth, Mayhem and Destroyer 666.

Now the Australian Black Metal four-piece has returned, ready to unleash the heftiest offering yet, comprising of 5 Acts that span 46 minutes of some of the finest Black Metal I have heard this year.

‘Act I – Introspection’ kicks things off in a rapid gear, to begin with. The drums are outrageously quick as the guitars scythe and the vocals are spewed in all Black Metal glory, creating a Speed Black Metal sound. The guitars have a hint of djent in the background as the chaos continues to shroud your entire being in uncertainty. The riffs are simple but very effective as they become hypnotic and as soon as you are under another wave of despicable darkness returns.

Although the tracks have some length to them, they do not drag nor become repetitive as the black river flows wherever it must and it sounds fantastic.

This continues throughout the offering as we experience more atmospheric moments, at times, yet the darkness continues to guide the way. The music is second to none and this really begins to feel like a masterpiece the further through it we get. Each beat of the drum and strum of the droning guitar feel like it is perfectly placed and pitched as you just give yourself over to the darkness and allow yourself to descend further than you may have been before.

By the time the album finishes, you will be exhausted, not just by the wonderful musicality that is screamed and growled over for the full length of the album, but also as Acts of Repentance is as such an all-body experience as it is an audible delight. You will be shown darkness that you never thought was imaginable as the uncompromising and powerful Black Metal blows you away. If you weren’t a Black Metal fan before this, you will be now. This is a must-have of 2020 and a future Black Metal classic.

Ed Ford


Acts of Repentance is released March 20th 2020 via Transcending Obscurity Records

Track List
1. Act I – Introspection
2. Act II – Admission
3. Act III – Castigation
4. Act IV – Sufferance
5. Act V – Repentance



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