WARCALL Premiere New Video “Riding With Zombies” via TheSludgelord

New Album “Invaders” Out October 13th via Plan B Musique

European Tour Dates (FR/DE/BE/CZ)

Inspired by Iron Maiden, Metallica, Motorhead, Dissection and Slayer, WARCALL’s music is fast, aggressive, melodic and dramatic. Unleashing three well-received albums under their bullet-belts (‘Demonarchy’, ‘Blood, Guts and Dirt’, ‘III’), this Montreal, QC power-trio’s fourth assault “Invaders” hits the mosh pit on October 13th via Plan B Musique.

Featuring 10 tracks, the album is concept release based on humans fighting back an alien invasion with a message of fighting oppression, resisting, reconquering, but without knowing if it is really over.

Vocalist / guitarists Mathieu Simard comments:

“Everybody who has followed WarCall since our beginnings will be extremely satisfied with ‘Invaders’.  It is our best sound, best production, best song writing and best musical performances.  The new album is a return to the style on the first two albums.  On album ‘III’, we wanted a raw approach so it was recorded live in the studio on analog tape for a truly rock and roll feel.  With ‘Invaders’, it’s a more polished production with more energy and experience.”

Teaming up with TheSludgelord, WARCALL are premiering the video for their first single “Riding With Zombies”. The video features stock footage from George A. Romero’s “Night of The Living Dead” movie and is a track about the grueling life of touring.

Watch “Riding With Zombies” – http://thesludgelord.blogspot.com/2017/08/video-premiere-quebecs-warcall-deliver.html

Following the release of “Invaders”, WARCALL will be embarking on their third European tour (dates listed below).

Simard adds about their live set:

“We want our fans to travel into the universe that we create. For a three-piece, we make a lot of noise. We also include scenic elements that remind the audience of a battlefield so the mood is set up from the beginning of the show. And we dress up military style so there is really no confusion as to who is on stage when we play.”

Track Listing:
1. Mission Commando (4:45)
2. Riding with Zombies (3:32)
3. Bully Bastard (3:13)
4. Mass Extinction (4:43)
5. The Man Who Suffers (5:33)
6. Fight Back (4:25)
7. Black Panther (3:30)
8. Through the Dusk (4:08)
9. Para Belum (4:06)
10. Alien Forces (5:49)

Album Length: 43:48

Album and Live Band Line Up:
Gord – Bass and Vocals
Mat – Guitard and Back Vocals
Phil – Drums


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