Warbringer // Weapons Of Tomorrow // Album Review
Warbringer // Weapons Of Tomorrow // Album Review 10
Warbringer // Weapons Of Tomorrow // Album Review 10
Warbringer // Weapons Of Tomorrow // Album Review 10
Warbringer // Weapons Of Tomorrow // Album Review 10
Warbringer // Weapons Of Tomorrow // Album Review 10
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If ever there was an album made to smash the shit out of the current lockdown then this is it, right from the off it is a furious affair with plenty of power, aggression and a good mix of thrash/death and black metal with some phenomenal guitars. “Firepower Kills” kicks things off by doing exactly what it says on the tin, it KILLS, blistering drums, savage riffs, and snarling vocals just obliterate you and its only the first song, oh and there is also a pretty tight solo in there as well, it bodes well.

“The Black Hand Reaches Out” is a beast of a track with Kevill giving it loads as he snarls and growls his way through the track with killer riffs and drums backing him up not to mention a not too shabby solo that lights things up. “Crushed Beneath The Tracks” is a thrasher that has a cool machine gun drum beat that hypnotizes you, there is also a slight hint of Death mixed throughout the track, another monster. The hits just keep on coming and in “Defiance Of Fate” they have possibly created one of the best tracks around at the moment, a black metal ballad!! If that’s what you would call it, but whatever it’s called it is amazing. Eerie hushed vocals, slow but thumping drums, grinding riffs that just hit home as the track ebbs and flows, it breaks midway through the guitars again come to the fore with some quality musicianship and even though the track is over seven minutes it most certainly doesn’t feel it and you will be wondering how the hell they came up with this gem, track of the album without a doubt. “Unraveling” restores order by returning to the blistering pace we have become accustomed to, and it has a real old school feel, kind of like something from Sepultura’s “Morbid Visions” back in the day, it’s like a breath of fresh air as it rips your face off and pummels you into submission. On “Heart Of Darkness” the bass plays a massive part as the track has a down-tuned slower pace that just simmers on the verge of exploding the whole way through and that is what happens midway through as the guitars and drums kick it up a notch with speed and precision before dropping back to a more forceful slower black metal type beat. “Power Unsurpassed” ramps things up again with a seriously meaty riff, punchy drums, Kevill again killing it with his vocals and once again the guitars taking center stage.

“Outer Reaches” is a good track in its own right and while it chugs along it is on the weaker side compared to other tracks on the album, which is a pity because it is the only a mark on an otherwise stunning album. “Notre Dame (King Of Fools)” with shifting tempos that go up and down the range giving it a nice frantic edge and brilliant solo that is mesmerizing as it tumbles back to the near death metal grind that set things up nicely for an acoustic interlude before it blasts out to the end. “Glorious End” fittingly closes out an awesome album, while it may not be everyone’s cup of tea it captivates the album as a whole combining all the different styles throughout the album and giving a fitting end to an unbelievable offering

Weapons Of Tomorrow is out 24th April Via Napalm Records




Warbringer are:

John Kevill Vocals

Adam Carroll Rhythm guitar, backing vocals

Carlos Cruz Drums

Chase Becker Lead guitar, backing vocals

Chase Bryant Bass








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