Wage War // Ded // Thornhill // Live Review // The Academy // Dublin
Wage War // Ded // Thornhill // Live Review // The Academy // Dublin
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The Academy Dublin tonight hosts the Irish leg of Wage War’s European tour as they jump from the UK to Ireland weaving a path of destruction in their wake! With them tonight Melbourne, Australia’s, Thornhill to mix things up and Tempe, Arizona’s Ded to complete a savage line up. 

An early start with doors open at 7 the city centre streets of Dublin are always busy, parking at a premium and the one-way system with the Luas (tram system) causes chaos for an alien-like me finding my way to the Academy venue. Parking sorted when I arrive at the venue there’s a healthy crowd here out in force as Thornhill has kicked off their set. 



A fusion of hefty riffage and melodic vocals make for high energy yet easy on the ear set from Thornhill. A youthful band with their debut album A Dark Pool (which is out now via UNFD) have a point to prove on this two with two seriously heavyweights for company.  

Vocalist Jacob Charlton is upfront and centre in the pit pacing as the adrenaline pumps through his veins, belting out a fusion of guttural and clean vocals to ignite the huddled masses. The band may be short on years but they are a right unit as they rip their way through a powerful and well-delivered set. The bar has been set high and Thornhill has made their mark on the Irish crowd and will no doubt be well-received should they return anytime soon. 



Up next is Arizona’s Ded, an altogether different affair, describing themselves as Fresh Metal I guess they don’t want to placed in any one box and their set showcases their wide array of styles and talents. With a horror/gothic visual to the band you’re not quite sure what you’re in for until they kick-off, what follows is a musical show of brutality which as described on the tin brings a plethora of musical styles beautifully meshed together to create a unique and battering sounding band that takes the breath away.  A short but sweet set that ends on a dime leaves the crowd wondering if the set has finished as they band vacate the stage or if they’re going for a costume change, sadly the set was over all too soon and setup for Wage War gets underway. 




We had the pleasure of Wage War before over at Rock ‘N’Load when they supported Of Mice & Men at The Mandela Hall in Belfast, so it was time to see how these Floridians have developed and what they will bring to a headlining show. 

 The answer everything and the kitchen sink! From the off Wage War threw out a blistering set that had the room bouncing from front to back, duelling vocals with a powerhouse back line made sure the room reverberated to the sounds of this monstrous band. The ever balancing between the vocals of Briton Bonds powerful and guttural lead vocals meshed with Cody Quistad’s clean delivery enveloped in a behemoth sounding backline is a sight to see. 

The guys mix it up with songs from their debut album Blueprints fused with new tracks from their latest offering Pressure, An album which shows their journey as a band together and their evolution and the mikes on the road culminating in a stellar recording. 

The numbers are startling for these Ocala, Florida residents as the Metal world have taken them under their wing with 50 + Million streams to date and tours with the likes of Parkway Drive, Of Mice & Men and I Prevail. Deservedly so on tonight’s performance alone in which Wage War show their coming of age and as they deliver a gargantuan sounding set with ease. Staring and stopping on a dime their fluidity and technical prowess is there for all to see, walls of distortion tossed out to the Irish crowd who respond in kind arms raised screaming the lyrics back at Briton and co. Breakdown after breakdown the walls and floors soak up the hefty riffage and the room goes wild. 

Wage War are a band on the up, forging a reputation as one of the bands on the live scene right now, backed up by their latest album Pressure there are no signs of these guys slowing down anytime soon, for those lucky enough to catch them on a fledgeling UK, Ireland, European headline tour, you’re one of the lucky ones who will be able to say “Remember when we caught these guys at The Academy” etc cos Wage War are hot as fuck right now! 

Some UK Dates are now sold out but you may be lucky to catch them on some of the additional UK Dates below.


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