Vyrion – Australian Black-Metal Group Reveal New Track “Monuments”

Vyrion – Australian Black-Metal Group Reveal New Track “Monuments” 
Brisbane-based black-metal troop Vyrion have just revealed a new track off their forthcoming third album “Nil”, which is set for release on October 26.

Titled “Monuments”, this new track is now playing at No Clean Singing, who stated “The song is a journeying experience rather than a straight-forward monochrome of sound, but it’s fair to say that through all its turns it’s deeply unsettling, consistent with the narrative described above, and its mood-changing power is impressive.”

Check out “Monuments” here.

A concept album telling the stories of civilizations, from the cradle to their eradication by disease, the follow-up to 2014’s “Geo” LP takes all prisoners on a vivid journey, basking in the glory of our war-mongering past and looking eagerly towards our decrepit future. Pre-orders are now available here.

If you missed it, the first track to be revealed, “Avalanche”, is still streaming at this location.

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