Vulnere “Igneous” Out Now

Here’s some early praise for the album:

“The complex, riffs are both dizzying and hypnotic, shifting all over the place. The tech influence is a real standout here.” – Metal Injection

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“…appropriately a throwback in the best, nastiest way, calling to mind early Incantation, Suffocation, and — particularly in its fantastically chunky breakdowns — classic Sepultura.” adding “It’s got about four million riffs and all of ’em kill.” – Decibel
“Vulnere, hailing from Portland, sits in an extremely satisfying no-man’s-land between brutal, technical, and generally just devastating death metal. On their debut album Igneous, Vulnere puts your nose to the grindstone, leaving no space between you and their invasive riffs” – Invisible Oranges
More on Vulnere:
The early stages of writing that would become Vulnere begin in 2017 with drummer Cody Pulliam and guitarist Mike Ashton. The goal was to create death metal with the aggression and complexity inspired by countless brutal death metal and technical grind releases of the mid 2000’s/early 2010’s. Vocal duties were soon filled by Mark Smith, and shows commenced as a three piece, offering something unique and crushingly heavy.
By the end of 2018 the bones of the full length, “Igneous”, were finished and by mid 2019, Vulnere entered Abyssal Lair Studios in Portland, Oregon to begin tracking. Bass duties were executed by long time friend and engineer Spencer Linn. Vulnere is a unique, fast and technical band unlike anything else,
but if it’s one thing, it’s death metal.
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