VULCAIN are now premiering their complete new album ‘Vinyle’ in full. The album is released today, September 28, 2018.

The full album is now streaming via the official Season of Mist YouTube channel at the link below.


VULCAIN comment: “With our new album ‘Vinyle’, we offer you pure Vulcan with a big sound, speed and mid tempo tinted blues, and themes about our society, the motorcycle, the party and the girls! We always play harder, we play rock and Roll!”

The artwork for ‘Vinyle’ can be viewed together with the album details below.


1. Vinyle (2:43)
2. Héros (3:15)
3. Backline Music (3:46)
4. L’Arnaque (3:48)
5. Darling (3:41)
6. Décibels (4:46)
7. Dans les Livres (2:39)
8. L’Oseille (3:13)
9. Borderline (3:31)
10. Contrôle (3:19)
11. Motör (3:42)
Total playing time: 38:23

As one of the longest running and most revered names on the French heavy metal and hard rock scene, VULCAIN has always been and will always be a household name.

Since the ‘80s, VULCAIN have been on top of the French hard rock scene. The band was formed in 1981 by vocalist and guitar player Daniel Puzio and his brother Vincent Puzio (bass). The first demo ‘Privat’ was released in 1982 and was quickly followed-up by debut album ‘Rock ‘n’ Roll Secours’ in 1984. Drummer Marc Varez joined to band shortly after, and from that moment on the band was quite rightly dubbed as the “French Motörhead” – a nickname that still applies to this day, even though VULCAIN’s music encompasses many more influences.

After several line-up changes, VULCAIN continued their journey as a trio and released multiple full-lengths, EP’s, and live albums. ‘Stoppe La Machine’ (1998) marked the last one for a while, as the band called it quits right after its release.

At the end of 2009, the band felt their hard rock roots still itching inside, and the power trio got back together. After touring the globe, performing at several European festivals like Hellfest, Headbangers Open Air and even supporting MOTÖRHEAD on a number of shows back in 2010, VULCAIN entered the studio once again. In 2013, by popular demand and some 15 years after the band’s previous studio release, new album ‘V8’ hit the stores.

After 30 years of rock n’ roll and 13 albums so far, VULCAIN are feeling more energetic than ever. The band’s new full-length, ‘Vinyle’, shows the hard rock scene that VULCAIN is still on top of their game, with the same unstoppable “machine” force!

Daniel Puzio: guitar, vocals
Vincent Puzio: bass, backing vocals
Marc Varez: drums, backing vocals

Style: Hard Rock

Recording: La Grange 69, France

Producer: Vulcain / Marc Varez
Mixed & Mastering: Studio Nyima, Terence Briand & Olivier Courant

Cover art: Vulcain


Booking contact:
[email protected]


Available formats
Gatefold LP in various colours
Shaped LP

29 Sep 18 Angres (FR) Festival HRB
13 Oct 18 St Jean de Védas (FR) Secret Place
10 Nov 18 Clemont Ferrand (FR) Camille Claudel
17 Nov 18 St Brieuc (FR) Salon du tatouage
24 Nov 18 Lyon (FR) O Totem
01 Dec 18 Vouziers (FR) Festival
08 Dec 18 Paris (FR) Gibus
15 Dec 18 Nantes (FR) la scène Michelet

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