Vrillon release three track EP ‘Wizard’
After the incredible success of their first two single releases, Bath-based Vrillon have built up a solid reputation, playing sold out shows on a regular basis. December 10th sees their return with their latest single Wizard. 
With Wizard, the band wanted to capture the current state of anxiety in the country, however instead of focusing on the negatives they decided they wanted it to reflect the stoic optimism of their friends and a generation who actually want to kick out and be positive and who believe there is a future.
“Even though the songs have a dark feeling to them, our goal is for them to inspire hope for our generation.” Says William, Vrillon’s lead singer and lyricist. 
The biggest obstacle facing Vrillon, and any band at the start of their career, is cost of releasing a single. With the help of Evershare.io, a revolutionary new music platform where Artists can upload and stream their music across Spotify, Deezer, Pandora and many other streaming services worldwide for free, Vrillon were able to afford to plan a series of releases they wouldn’t have otherwise been able to afford.
“We’re planning a load of releases this year and Evershare.io will save us £100’s in fees that we would have had to pay to the likes of CDBaby” says Charlie the band’s lead guitarist.
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