North-west heavy rockers VORSETELLAN are primed to drop their engrossing
debut album, Encephalon, on Friday 8th May. The Brit tunesters have also
just released a new single and lyric video for the track, Burn  –
https://youtu.be/1NDvFIfVCHc .

While VORSTELLAN showcase an expansive array of influences, they largely
take inspiration from Placebo, Vex Red, Silverchair, Slipknot, and Gojira.
With an intense sound, VORSTELLAN impressively create powerhouse alternative
rock vibes with contemporary synths, reinforced by pounding bass lines,
hard-hitting drums, and distorted riffs.

VORSTELLAN was originally conceived in 2014 as a solo project by Jacob
Knight (Lead Vocals/Guitarist), who, at the time, was heavily influenced by
the synth work of Gary Numan and Depeche Mode. Its early sound soon evolved
when Matt Donaldson (Drums/Percussion) joined in 2015. As a result,
VORSTELLAN began to steer away from the synth inspired project and
progressed into an alternative heavy rock unit.

To date, the rising alterative riff slingers have played a series of highly
successful shows in Carlisle, Newcastle, Edinburgh and Glasgow. The band
have also played alongside The Courtesans, North Atlas, The Maension, Auger,
As December Falls, Espirit D’Air and Bad Pollyanna, which have earned them a
budding live reputation. Rearing to go, VORSTELLAN headed to Innersound
Studios to work on their debut album with Sam and Joe Graves. By 2019, the
band had completed the record and it’s certainly been worth the wait.
Entitled Encephalon, the album is loaded with slamming guitar parts,
gigantic drumming, and captivating vocal lines that fully incite and engage.
Key highlights of the record include the singles, Novocaine (
https://youtu.be/5p19UEvlQTQ ), Home ( https://youtu.be/RsFZit0u5AM ), and
new single, Burn – https://youtu.be/1NDvFIfVCHc .

The band remark about the motivation and journey for the album: “Encephalon
touches on our own personal experiences with depression and anxiety, amongst
other issues, and how these experiences have contributed to our own mental
health. We wanted to be as open as possible with Encephalon, both lyrically
and musically in the hopes of helping others come forward to seek help.”
With a killer album in hand, VORSTELLAN have crafted a record that is sure
to elevate the fiery tune chiefs to a national level.

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