Vomit Forth // Seething Malevolence // Album Review


Hailing from the Northeast of the USA, Vomit Forth is one of the hottest bands on the death metal scene right now.

Recently joining other current amazing bands like Frozen Soul & Sanguisugabogg within signing to Century Media Records,

“Seething Malevolence” Vomit Forth’s debut album is a modern death metal masterpiece… and here is why.

Vomit Forth is flying the flag for a dying breed of death metal.

Using a rare diet of New York / Long Island bands who pioneered the slam death genre. Internal Bleeding, Pyrexia & Suffocation just to name a few but also adding elements of grindcore, industrial & noise. Vomit Forth is keeping a classic sound alive while also evolving it within 2022.

The band’s early demos caught my ear when first released by the mighty Maggot Stomp Records but when they combined the demos with a few new tracks to create the “Northeastern Deprivation EP” the scene took the band by the horns & have been eagerly waiting for a full length as well have i.

Opening the album with “Untitled”, a collaboration with US noise-monger Prurient (AKA Ian Dominick Fernow/Vatican Shadow) was a ballsy move but one that works perfectly for the record. An eerie intro that invokes dread & panic, setting the scene for what the band are creating. Soundscape in nature this intro gives the listener an insight into the mindset of the album as a whole.

The grinding & pummeling “Eucharist Intact” gives us the first taste of new material from the group. Fast unrelenting pace mixed with slamming groove this is Vomit Forth turned to the max. A raw slab of death metal that is quickly over but leaves you wanting the next track.

Next comes “Pain Tolerance”. A slower more knuckle-dragging track that is a pure old-school slam lovers delight. Raw & visceral.

“What’s your pain tolerance..” vocalist Kane Gelaznik yells just a whisper away from the armageddon-like breakdown hits & raises the track to god-like status.

Getting to hear “Tortured Sacrament” from the band’s 2021 promo is a delight. A new recording, more guttural, thicker & punishing. This has been my favourite track from the band for some time. Now with some textural elements on the track that add another killer layer. Also one of the strongest & tightest performances from guitarist Ricky Brayall & bassist Tyler Bidwell. A very heavily slamming rhythmic track where most would be sloppy but not here Ricky & Tyler are precise & a solid unit.

The album’s title track “Seething Malevolence” is to date the band’s most pissed, focused & perfect track frankly.

Technically the band works as such a cohesive unit to create a devastating song. Nick Herrmann’s drumming performance on this track is the best I’ve heard in death metal in years, his drum tone & how much passion he puts into every drum & tom hit pays off. Also, the vocal collab with Dom from Simularka (currently my fave death metal-influenced hardcore band) adds another texture with Kane’s ungodly vocal ability. The most “hooky” song on the album that had the chorus repeating in my ears for days!

One of the strong points of the album along with the fantastic songwriting, lyrics & overall structure is the addition of tracks like “I Feel Nothing” an in-between track when normally I would feel wastes time but here the “vibe” blends perfectly into the following track “Predatory Savior”. Weaving together thematically this track was also one of the highlights of the band’s recent tracks on the 2021 promo.

Now on the album, it’s here where the track is in its final form. Building to the perfect peck with Kane’s haunting vocal delivery screaming over & over “I feel nothing..” as distorted effects manipulate its tone giving even more pain & anger within.

Also, a perfect track that demonstrates how slams should be written to create groove & brutality.

The longest track on the album & closer “Pious Killing Floor” is honestly the perfect example of leaving the best to last.

A mix of NOLA sludge metal & some of the heaviest breakdowns I’ve heard in years. Think Eyehategod & Internal Bleeding and you might be close to the chaos the band creates. Bringing the album to a close with more samples & effects like the opening track makes “Seething Malevolence” a cohesive & thought-out album that adds so much texture & richness to its already perfect delivery.

Not only has Vomit Forth been able to write a modern masterpiece of a death metal album, they have also been able to evolve a legacy sound & make it their own.

“Seething Malevolence” is my album of the year & the first chapter in a band’s soon-to-be ironclad legacy.

Joseph Mitchell

Seething Malevolence is out via Century Media on 8th July 2022

1. Untitled

2. Eucharist Intact

3. Pain Tolerance

4. Tortured Sacrament

5. Unrecognizable

6. Seething Malevolence

7. Severely Wounded

8. Carnivorous Incantation

9. I Feel Nothing

10. Predatory Savior

11. Pious Killing Floor

Line Up:

Nick Herrmann – Drums

Ricky Brayall – Guitar

Tyler Bidwell – Bass

Kane Gelaznik – Vocals

VOMIT FORTH recently announced they will be joining Creeping Death for the band’s North American Tour 2022. Catch VOMIT FORTH on the road starting September 4th in Toronto and wrapping on September 11th in Brooklyn. Leading up to the Creeping Death tour, VOMIT FORTH will be performing at Wrecking Ball Metal Madness and a handful of headline shows throughout the U.S. See below for more details on the band’s upcoming tour dates.
Headline Dates
June 25 – Poughkeepsie, NY – The Loft
August 8 – Toledo, OH – Ottawa
August 9 – Cincinnati, OH – Legend’s **
August 10 – Memphis, TN – Hi Tone Café
August 11 – Little Rock, AR – Vino’s**
August 12 – Houston, TX – Secret Group**
August – 13 – Dallas, TX – Wrecking Ball Metal Madness*
August 14 – Austin, TX – Valhalla
August 15 – New Orleans, LA – Banks St
August 16 – Birmingham, AL – Firehouse
August 17 – Pittsburgh, PA – Black Forge
August 18 – Albany, NY – Empire Underground
**supporting Sanguisugabogg
w/Creeping Death
September 4 – Toronto, ON – Hard Luck
September 5 – Montreal, QC – Bar Le Ritz
September 6 – Buffalo, NY – Rec Room
September 7 – Cincinnati, OH – Legends
September 8 – Cave In Rock, IL – Full Terror
September 9 – Columbus, OH – Ace of Cups
September 10 – Syracuse, NY – The Lost Horizon
September 11 – New York, NY – St. Vitus
Already known for their furious live show, sharpened by recent North American touring with labelmates, Frozen Souland Sanguisugabogg, as well as experimental hardcore legends, Integrity, VOMIT FORTH’s name has cemented itself into the U.S. extreme metal landscape. The self-produced Seething Malevolence, which was mixed and mastered by Arthur Rizk (Power Trip, Ghostmane and features U.S. noisemonger, Prurient on the opening track, “Untitled”, is a clear next step. The band’s prior demos, collected on 2019’s Maggot Stomp issued Northeastern Deprivation won the band raves in the underground and the attention of Century Media.
VOMIT FORTH is Kane Gelaznik (vocals), Tyler Bidwell (bass), Nick Herrmann (drums), and Ricky Brayall (guitars).
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