Volbeat // Servant Of The Road Tour // Live Review // Ulster Hall // Belfast


Cometh the day, cometh the band and tonight that band is Volbeat. Back in Belfast to make amends for a night that no doubt haunts them when a technical fault made one fateful night in Belfast beyond FUBAR!

Well, a lot has happened since 2019, and a packed Ulster Hall in Belfast tells its own story, after being robbed two years of our lives by the pandemic, musicians and artists lively hood decimated as a result it is a very welcome sight to see these Danish maestros back on stage once again in Ireland. 

Immediately as the lights drop the guys lash into a fierce and unforgiving set that reminds everyone in the room what their live set is all about, the craziest fusion of musical styles possible on one stage, thrash, death metal, rockabilly, rock and country all thrown into the mix to melt the faces off each and everyone in that crowd. 

Playing tracks from the gargantuan back catalogue, packed with fan favourites as well as new songs from their latest release Servant Of The Mind the guys treat this bloodthirsty Belfast crowd to a blistering, pummelling and truly inspired performance. They say that variety is the spice of life and for sure Volbeat deliver one of the most varying sets you’ll hear anywhere, it’s a party atmosphere here at the ulster hall and all I can see across this iconic venue are people dancing their asses off the melodic hooks of one of Denmarks finest exports. 

There really aren’t too many bands that have a fan base this invested in their music, it is devotion on another level, to say the least. For a band two decades in their appetite for what they do doesn’t seem to have wavered one single bit, these guys deliver every time I see them. One lucky Northern Irish kid experiencing her very first Volbeat show gets noticed up in the seated area, and Michael takes the time to get her a shirt and tosses it up for her to catch, this is one gig she’ll not forget! 

I could say that about the crowd as a whole, clearly they love this band and Volbeat really appreciate and reciprocate that love in turn with a stellar live performance for the Belfast faithful, their sound is spic and Rob Caggiano’s solo guitar tone cuts like a knife, it is a glorious sound that rips through the hefty backline beautifully. A night to r

emember for sure and the guys were cool enough to produce free posters for the Belfast crowd that commemorated that faithful night in 2019 and the subsequent cancellations in 2020 and 2021 due to pandemic knock-on effects. What a crazy few years it has been. The guys move on once again back to the UK and will no doubt absolutely slay it!

    21 May 2022 +
    United KingdomLondon O2 Academy Islington
    22 May 2022 +
    United KingdomBristol O2 Academy Bristol

Standard Edition Tracklisting:
1. Temple of Ekur
2. Wait A Minute My Girl
3. The Sacred Stones
4. Shotgun Blues
5. The Devil Rages On
6. Say No More
7. Heaven’s Descent
8. Dagen Før (feat. Stine Bramsen)
9. The Passenger
10. Step Into Light
11. Becoming
12. Mindlock
13. Lasse’s Birgitta
Deluxe 2 CD/2 LP and Digital Deluxe Bonus Tracks:
14. Return To None (Wolfbrigade cover)
15. Domino (The Cramps/Roy Orbison cover)
16. Shotgun Blues (feat. Dave Matrise from Jungle Rot)
17. Dagen Før (Michael Vox Version)
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