Volbeat // Rewind, Replay, Rebound: Live in Deutschland // Album Review

Volbeat is back with this beast of an album which boasts 27 tracks recorded live during their sold-out ‘Rewind, Replay, Rebound Worldwide Tour’ in Germany, including two bonus tracks that were recorded at the start of the tour. The album will be available worldwide in digital format on 27th November 2020 via Republic Records.

With the opening track ‘Lola Montez’, vocalist Michael Poulsen’s powerful vocals resonate across the stadium from the very start, straddling those pounding guitar riffs from Rob Caggiano, instantly setting the scene for any listener.

The first handful of tracks are packed with a combination of music genres which clearly demonstrates that Volbeat has got their fingers in many pies and has vast experience under their belts as musicians. They have remained consistent during their 20-year career with the release of 7 studio albums – ‘Rewind, Replay, Rebound’ being their most popular album in the UK to date.

Out of the 27 tracks on the album, 11 are from ‘Rewind, Replay, Rebound’ which was released in August 2019.  These tracks have now been christened by being played live for the first time since their release – and flawlessly. 

As for the rest of the album, every track is played with full force and drenched with the band’s vivacity.  The reverberation of the sound they produce puts you right there amongst the crowd as you hear the screams and cheers from their long-supportive German fans. One can only imagine the incredible atmosphere at any of these live shows whilst listening to the album full blast – especially via a top set of cans. 

With a fusion of rock, metal, and rockabilly, Volbeat’s notorious melodic metal tone remains at the core of many of their tracks. These Danes aren’t afraid to throw in the odd jaw-dropping guitar riff that would strip the paint off a wall or break the sound barrier with a cracking drum solo.  And Michael Poulsen’s vocals are undoubtedly the driving force with lyrics portrayed as mission statements.

The only missing piece from this album is the guest vocals of Neil Fallon from Clutch and the thrashing strings of Gary Holt from Slayer’s guitar – two mega personalities in the rock metal world.  But in all fairness, it doesn’t affect the album in the slightest.

There’s plenty of crowd interaction to fill the gaps between tracks as Poulsen expresses his thanks for their devotion, growls loudly from the pit of his stomach, or pulls off a Johnny Cash impression.  Whatever it is, the fire in his voice is insane. 

It is more than apparent that Volbeat is sheer entertainment when it comes to watching a live band and their enthusiasm shines through the entire album. Every string played on Rob Caggiano’s guitar shreds the air fiercely as the formidable power from Jon Larsen on the drums nails each beat over and over.  Yet again, this Danish 4-piece has crafted another eclectic album to add to their collection.  ‘Rewind, Replay, Rebound, and REPEAT’.


Review: Emma Painter


REWIND, REPLAY, REBOUND: LIVE IN DEUTSCHLAND is out Nov 27th via Republic Records.
Track list:
1         Intro/Lola Montez
2         Pelvis On Fire
3         Doc Holliday
4         Sorry Sack Of Bones
5         The Garden’s Tale
6         Ring Of Fire
7         Sad Man’s Tongue
8         When We Were Kids
9         Slaytan             
10       Dead But Rising
11       Fallen
12       Die To Live
13       Seal The Deal
14       For Evigt
15       7:24
16       Cheapside Sloggers
17       Lonesome Rider
18       Parasite
19       The Everlasting
20       Cloud 9
21       Last Day Under The Sun
22       The Devil’s Bleeding Crown
23       Leviathan
24       Let It Burn
25       Pool Of Booze, Booze, Booza
26       Boa [JDM]
27       Still Counting


You can also see live videos for the following included singles:
Cheapside Sloggers – https://youtu.be/vEM0i0wDUUU
Die To Live – https://youtu.be/DGhyj1CmAQo
Lonesome Rider – https://youtu.be/yElYz5RMlWY.




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