Vola - Applause Of A Distant Crowd - Album Review
Vola - Applause Of A Distant Crowd - Album Review10
Vola - Applause Of A Distant Crowd - Album Review10
Vola - Applause Of A Distant Crowd - Album Review10
Vola - Applause Of A Distant Crowd - Album Review10
Vola - Applause Of A Distant Crowd - Album Review10
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Vola return with their latest offering Applause Of A Distant Crowd, I was fortunate to catch a glimpse of Vola at Bloodstock earlier this year, so it was with great pleasure I had the opportunity to review their new album and envelope myself further in this fine band.

Applause Of A Distant Crowd is a stunning album, everything that Vola offered live and more, allowng you to appreciate all the intricacies within it’s recording and fully digest the nuances throughout. From the off you get the full Vola experience with its opening track ‘We Are Thin Air’, which offers an insight into the feel and vibe across the album. Riffage meshed with melodic and intricate vocals that just flow effortlessly, ‘Ghosts’ follows with an electronic element and soft vocals reminiscent of Morten Harkets delivery again a seriously catchy and addictive track that is one of many.

We get our first full on savage and hefty riff laden track in ‘Smartfriend’ that is in the vein of the likes of Gojira with a beast of a backbone, whilst ‘Ruby Pool’ slows the pace down and give you a breather and a sample of Vola’s softer side, with a delicious delicate guitar solo that sounded like Satriani himself it was a nice interlude. ‘Alien Shivers’ on the other hand shakes you to the core with a gargantuan melody that could be from the likes of Architects or Sylosis, beautifully fused with a beautifully melodic vocal harmony you get more than you bargained for in this killer track.

Tracks like ‘Still’ and ‘Whaler’ deliver more tonnage with hefty riffs while ‘Vertigo’, ‘Green Screen Mother’ and the albums self titled track offer a softer side to provide a balance to a stellar album.


Out Now via Mascot Records/Mascot Label Group,  Applause From A Distant Crowd is an absolute must for the independent thinker. Sheep need not apply.


Track Listing
1 We Are Thin Air
2 Ghosts
3 Smartfriend
4 Ruby Pool
5 Alien Shivers
6 Vertigo
7 Still
8 Applause Of A Distant Crowd
9 Whaler
10 Green Screen Mother



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