VOICES – Debut Second Single ‘Breaking The Trauma Bond’!

 VOICES continue new album teasers with second single and title track ‘Breaking The Trauma Bond’ 

Friday 1st October

Today, VOICES continue their new chapter in their indomitable legacy and give us another taste of the band’s forthcoming new album ‘Breaking The Trauma Bond’. Following the title track’s worldwide premiere at Metal Injection yesterday today the band release their second single into the world. Their brand new album, and Church Road Records debut is set for a November 26th release.

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Returning after a three year absence following the release of 2018’s ‘Frightened’, VOICES bring their signature Avant-Garde come Extreme Metal sound into a new dimension their brand new album ‘Breaking The Trauma Bond’. Made up of 16 tracks and clocking in at 68 minutes, ‘Breaking The Trauma Bond’ proves to be perhaps the band’s most ambitious release to date. Moving throughout multiple sonic soundscapes in its listen, it’s sure to be one of the highlights of 2021.
The band’s first single ‘Beckoning Shadows‘ brought the band’s affinity for Death Metal rhythms and the malevolent atmosphere of Black Metal to the foreground whereas ‘Breaking The Trauma Bond‘ looks toward the more Avant-Garde nature of their sound with dissonant piano, electronic flourishes amid nimble drumming.
Regarding the second single from the new album the band had the following to say:

“Breaking The Trauma Bond is our journey through the dark corners of the subconscious and turbulent relationship with the inner self, the critical voice and the drama triangle.”

The band adds further:

“Breaking the trauma bond is an exploration of a fractured self. We felt it best reflects the complex feelings, struggles and turmoil many could see within themselves via the vehicle of trauma. No matter how hard some try to hide it, this sense hangs heavy in the atmosphere surrounding them. Taking influence from the ‘Mystery Man’ in Lynch’s Lost Highway the song creeps and lingers in the background before presenting itself in an unforgettable manner. Break your bond.”

Prior to their sold out show at The Black Heart in London the band also unveiled their standalone single “An Audience of Mannequins” of which all proceeds were donated to Dementia UK.

“Breaking The Trauma Bond” artwork and track listing:

1. A Field Without Crows
2. Breaking the Trauma Bond
3. An Audience of Mannequins
4. Lilacs In-Between
5. Ghost City
6. Petrograph
7. Methods of Madness
8. Running Away
9. Absent Equilibrium
10. Beckoning Shadows
11. My Sick Mind
12. Whispers
13. The Widower
14. Kaleidoscope of Thorns
15. She Speaks To Him in a Dream
16. Photographs of a Storm Passing Overhead

VOICES are a collective of London night crawlers. Since 2014, VOICES have navigated the city streets and articulated our urban anxieties through this expressive, uncompromising music. Taking influence from the architecture of London, both literally and figuratively, the music reflects this diversity be it through harsh tangents, unscalable depth or sculpted beauty.

VOICES are a synergy of many different bands that have revolved around the dark scenes of London since 1999. The most notable of these is Akercocke which provided the seeds from which this network of devils has spawned.

As we reach our fourth record we, again, engage with our own cinematic narratives which have become sonified in this sprawling piece of music which could manifest as a type of therapy for those that need to reach such depths in a post-pandemic age.

Photo credit: Sahar Vagan

VOICES are: 
Peter Benjamin – Guitars, Vocals, Piano
Sam Loynes – Guitars, Keyboards
Matthew Adnet – Guitar
David Gray – Drums
Dan Abela – Bass Guitar

VOICES online: 

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