Viscera // Obsidian // Album review
Viscera // Obsidian // Album review10
Viscera // Obsidian // Album review10
Viscera // Obsidian // Album review10
Viscera // Obsidian // Album review10
Viscera // Obsidian // Album review10
10Overall Score
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The newly formed band from the UK comprising of ex Sylosis and Heart of a Coward vocalist Jamie Graham alongside former members of Martyr Defiled and Abhorrent Decimation, it will not be a surprise for people to hear that Viscera is going to shake up the Brutal Death Metal scene.

Pressing play unleashes a piano piece, that is then taken over by Technical guitars and a feeling of impending doom. Then the full force of this new band begins to take hold with blast beats and a powerful vocal to match. This is far more than just an all-out assault as we are treated melodic sections that allow a brief intake of breath before the Technicality resumes along with the brutality and you try to figure out what the fuck is going on. All you can tell is that if this continues then this is something special.

Fear not, this does continue and includes new sounds and some horrendous breakdowns, the kind of which are as nasty as you will here. The Technical aspects of the album are off the chart as the new standard is set as the drumming continues to strain all your body ligaments and the vocal is aggressive and powerful occasionally merging into the guttural range. ‘Immersed In Ire’ is as perfect a track as you will hear this year, just ensure that there are no precious belongings around as you will just lose your mind as this track progresses.

The melodic sections of the album provide a wondrous contrast to the rest of the album which is as hard as it gets and ‘Carpe Noctem’ provides a bit of everything that the band are about and as the tracks continue throughout the release we see slight differing aspects of the makeup of the band as ‘Affliction’ has a slight Metalcore sound with the cleaner vocal in parts.

The entire album is a joy to listen to and is as close to a perfect Technical Brutal Death Metal album as you will ever hear and then it hits you that this is the debut album by the band and potentially in the future things get heavier and harder, however let’s not look into the future, let us enjoy this masterpiece.

It releases like Obsidian that makes reviewing albums such a pleasure and an exciting thing to do. Unique Leader Records have done it again, what a band, what an album.

Ed Ford


Obsidian is released March 6th 2020 via Unique Leader Records


Track List

1. Delilah
2. Immersed in Ire
3. Lamb to the Slaughter
4. Carpe Noctem
5. Affliction
6. Hammers and Nails
7. Lilith
8. Obsidian
9. Silentium


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