Virial – International Tech Death-Metal Band Share New Track “Technological Singularity” Featuring Obscura’s Christian Muenzner

Virial – International Tech Death-Metal Band Share New Track “Technological Singularity” Featuring Obscura’s Christian Muenzner

International tech death-metal band Virial have just unleashed a new song off their forthcoming second album “Transhumanism”, which is set to be released on September 24th via Vicious Instinct Records.

Titled “Technological Singularity” this new track features the talents of Obscura guitarist Christian Muenzner and is now playing here.

The band comments “We released the final track on the album as the final single because it is the most technical, diverse track and with a runtime of 7:34 minutes, the longest song on “Transhumanism”.
It represents the final chapter of the album and tells the end of the chronological story, the technological singularity, where the AI gets so dominant, it collects all data on the planet ‘Aurelia’ and transforms it into a super massive, homogeneous, static sphere of nano-particles, prepared to exist for the remaining lifetime of the universe. The story can be seen as the arrival, the end of the biological evolution, the last judgement, or the prophecy as stated in many religious books. Furthermore, this is also a possible solution for the Fermi Paradox. The song is a continuous alternation between blast beats, classical guitar parts and orchestra and is crowned by a mind blowing, 1:10 minute long guitar solo by Christian Muenzner (Obscura, Alkaloid, Eternity’s End, Ex-Necrophagist). We are pretty happy about how this song turned out and hope that the listeners will enjoy it.”

If you missed it, watch the music video for “March of Prometheus” here.

Divided between Italy and Austria, Virial was formed in 2010 and released a promising debut album titled “Organic Universe” in 2015, which garnered strong accolades from both the public and press. Now six years later the quartet is back with a new full-length effort “Transhumanism”.

Mixed at Mordor Sounds Studio by Hannes Grossmann and mastered at Woodshed Studio by Victor Santura, the new album marks the debut of Philip Dollinger on bass and Stefan Rojas on drums, who along with the founding members and brothers Christian (lead guitar) and Thomas Wieser (vocals/rhythm guitar) have created a masterful death-metal album that will surely rival more seasoned death-metal bands either in terms of technical proficiency, intelligent songcraft or simple killer and brutal tunes. Pre-orders are available here.

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