Viral Tik Tok Star In The Making TX2 Is Fostering A Deep Connection With His Fans Known As The ‘X Movement’

Viral Tik Tok Star In The Making TX2 Is Fostering A Deep Connection With His Fans Known As The ‘X Movement’

Ft Collins Musician Is Bringing Awareness To Mental Health & Creating A Safe Space For Those In Need

Latest Viral Hit “Vampire By Rumor” Now Streaming


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Rising out of the shadows of a small town known for music, Fort Collins. TX2 brings an unmatchable intensity in his music through powerful raw lyrics and his explosive performances. After building a loyal fanbase in his hometown, TX2 moved to Miami, Florida, to pursue his dreams of singing and songwriting and start a hip hop program at the University of Miami.

After struggling for so many years as an artist, TX2 used his struggles as fuel and found his sound. As a result, his music went viral on Tik Tok and he now has 335K+ followers on the platform. TX2 has since begun a movement known among his fans known as the “X Movement”, which is all about bringing awareness to mental health and creating a safe space for those in need to talk. The movement currently has 1.4K+ members and is growing everyday, providing a platform to speak about mental health, vent and supporting one another. TX2 wants everyone to know they are not alone in their struggles.

TX2’s newest release “Vampire By Rumor” was written alongside Josh Strock (writer of ‘Sid and Nancy” on MGK’s Mainstream Sellout) and his mentor Joey Barba.The track brings back a familiar emo-rock feel that is catchy and relatable.

After a small tease of the song on Tik Tok, TX2 garnered over 5,000 pre-saves on his song before the release, and currently has 400+ people who have already used the sound. The track has already been streamed over 4,800 times on Spotify alone since dropping early this morning.

Of the single TX2 says, “This song is about how I have been chasing after a dream pushing my limits to a point where I genuinely feel empty inside and like I sold my soul for a dream. I’m using the metaphor of being a “vampire” to describe the emptiness I’ve been experiencing lately.

For the video, my friend and popular Youtuber ‘Wyatt Stav’ flew out to support the production and play drums in it. The entire production was intense, as we were trying to make a feature project on little to no budget. Thanks to my friend Christian (Stop The Tapes!) who directed this production, we were able to make a DIY masterpiece.”

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