VIOLENT SOHO // Everything is A-Okay // ALBUM REVIEW
VIOLENT SOHO // Everything is A-Okay // ALBUM REVIEW9
VIOLENT SOHO // Everything is A-Okay // ALBUM REVIEW9
VIOLENT SOHO // Everything is A-Okay // ALBUM REVIEW9
VIOLENT SOHO // Everything is A-Okay // ALBUM REVIEW9
VIOLENT SOHO // Everything is A-Okay // ALBUM REVIEW9
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This album will slap you around the head, demanding that you wake up and realize that you are enough. You are valid.  There are cycles in every part of life and that’s OK. You do you.

A crescendo of drum beats, bass strikes, and guitar wails culminate into the dense fuzz of the first track ‘Sleep Year’ which sets the overall tone of this album. Chaotic distorted guitar portions fill your entire head, coupled with gentler moments that float from ear to ear.   There is a playful intro to ‘Vacation Forever’ which lures you in and then knocks you sideways with its heavy guitar. The deliciously delivered screams of “Woah Yeah” seem to drag you up and along by the scruff of your neck.  The choruses throughout this album are punchy, catchy and potentially anthemic.

The chilled-out, lazy, sunny drive that is the song ‘Canada’ features melodic guitars sounds with sustained pretty echoes. It is like winding down the car windows to inhale the fresh-cut grass and admire the daisies.  Nostalgia = 10 points.  Whilst ‘Slow Down Sonic’ is another road trip.  This time full of sunsets and tears.  Its searing guitar blades cut deep. The theme is of uncertainty and mental processing.  This song is eerily tactile, it wraps itself around you as if looking for fractures to seep into.  It may just haunt you.

If Grunge could be personified, then ‘Lying on The Floor’ may not be a far throw from what you could expect.  Feeling redundant? Fed up? This track has your back, with its sing-song way of telling those societal norms to just back off a bit.  Rather beautifully followed by the pure Stoner Rock of ‘Easy’ with its calm, SCREAM, crunch, screech and squeeze.

An acoustic and slow start to the final (title) track of the album gives the band room to demonstrate their adaptability.  The music is more tender and the vocals give a message of the need to heal.  It’s a solemn end to the album but it works.  

Turn this album up LOUD, let your hair down and go and give that “Boomer across the street” a decent half-hour of something to really stare at.


Everything Is A-Ok is out 3rd April, 2020 via Pure Noise Records.
Review: Suzi Bootz
Everything Is A-Ok Tracklisting:
01. Sleep Year
02. Vacation Forever
03. Pick It Up Again
04. Canada
05. Shelf Life
06. Slow Down Sonic
07. Lying On The Floor
08. Easy
09. Pity Jar
10. A-OK

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