Vio-Lence // Let The World Burn // EP Review


Formed back in 1985 in Oakland, Vio-Lence helped to define what would become to be known as Bay Area Thrash and they release three albums before their split in 1993.

Returning in 1999, the band began to write new music and now we see the release of this new material by way of a five-track EP, the first new music in 29 years.

The band have some heavy hitters in the Metal world and retain the likes of founding guitarist, Phil Demmel, who has relished the opportunity to write some Thrash Metal and recreate that mid 80s sound.

As soon as you press play, a filthy bass riff is met by stunningly aggressive guitars that slash and slice as the drum rumbles in the background, then the sound of classic sounding Thrash erupts into life.

The high pitched vocal and fast-paced music really get the heart racing and fuck it feels good. It’s been a while since this white-hot sound has been heard.

‘Flesh From Bone’ begins what is a phenomenal opener to a blistering EP and will be lapped up by fans of Old School Thrash and also new. The guitar solos make you stop in your step as you try and comprehend just what you are hearing.

As ‘Screaming Always’ crashes into your ears, it picks up where the previous track left off and you start to lose your mind with how good this Thrash sounds and when your mind stops trying to make sense of the top drawer music, your body begins to convulse and you lose control of your head as it begins to smash forward and backward whilst your feet stomp along. If you listen to this in a crowd, then you need to watch your moshing urge, unless, of course, you are at a gig!

To be honest, the 5 tracks fly too quickly although they take around 25minutes to hear them all, with the pace and quality, it just races through and you can really see how this band influenced so many others that followed in their footsteps.

Vio-Lence has created an EP that is as exciting as it is stunning and shows why they were such an important part of an entire music movement, but also show that they may just be the future too.

I can only say, listen to this. You need to Let The World Burn and you will love every minute.

Ed Ford


Let The World Burn will be released Friday 4th March 2022 via Metal Blade Records.



  1. Flesh From Bone
  2. Screaming Always
  3. Upon Their Cross
  4. Gato Negro
  5. Let The World Burn





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