Video Premiere: JOHAN G. WINTHER “As Above, So Below” (Official Video)

“As Above, So Below”
(Official Video)

Taken from Johan G. Winther’s new album “The Rupturing Sowle
Out March 26 via Pelagic Records.
Premiered via:
Streetclip (DE), Invisible Oranges (US), Zwaremetalen (NL), Rockoverdose (GR), Noise Mag (FR)
“Rich instrumental folk textures with ambient sounds, foggy synthesizers, and haunting melodies into a moody record well-suited for a spring evening’s listening.” Invisible Oranges

FFO: Michael Gira, The Notwist, John Frusciante, Penguin Cafe Orchestra

‘The Rupturing Sowle’ was recorded in voluntary pre-corona isolation in a small cabin in the Swedish woods.

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„In the video for “As Above, So Below” the full story arc of “The Rupturing Sowle” has been beautifully envisioned by Chariot Of Black Moth. I sent Jakub the narrative that the album is based upon before he started to work on the album, along with some footage I had shot, and was completely blown away by the amazing piece of work he delivered to me. The core concepts of the album has been included and portrayed in both subtle and more direct ways, and I am absolutely in awe of how well his vision has interpreted and depicted what is for me a most personal work.


Johan G. Winther from Gothenburg, Sweden has released 7 albums with his extraordinary and terribly underrated rock band Scraps of Tape, 3 albums with blackened hardcore band Blessings and a stunning debut album with his new post-rock outfit Barrens last year, which ended up in many year’s end lists, including #7 at Where Postrock Dwells’ Top albums of the year.

Also, watch Johan picking some of his favourite albums that inspired him while writing and recording “The Rupturing Sowle” here

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