From the rocky shores of Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, HITMAN have been conjuring up their next EP “The Offering: Side 1” set to be released on September 14th, 2018. This will be the third EP from the whisky infused, stoner groove rock quartet and it is sure to be a hit among a wide range of listeners who are currently fans of Black Sabbath, Pantera and Sleep. Offering a sound that is familiar to the genre, but still refreshing and creative, HITMAN is poised to continue proving why they are one of Canada’s best up and coming acts. The band has been gaining notoriety by playing hundreds of gigs over the years and sharing the stage with the likes of Sum 41, New Found Glory, Silverstein, Metalian, Zaum, Skull Fist, The Agonist, Black Wizard, Diemonds, and Black Moor plus they were once endorsed by Rob Halford of Judas Priest when he wore a Hitman T-shirt onstage during a performance in Halifax in 2015.

Created for fans looking to hear sweet riffs, well thought out melodies and an overall groovy sound, “The Offering: Side 1” has fast songs, slow songs and embraces different lyrical themes throughout.

Their new video for their EP’s opening track “Curtain Call” is one to get you ready to slam a six pack and have a good time.

“We are extremely excited to premiere this music video. It’s our first one and we had a lot of fun filming it. The video is set at our jam spot where we threw a huge kegger. This is more so just a glimpse into our weekend lives. We’re a stoner metal band that enjoys a good party. This new EP is for people who like to hear some groovy riffs. This is literally our musical offering to you.”

Check out “Curtain Call” premiered via Decibel Magazine at the following link:

EP pre-order available at

Their first single “Nero” can be heard on the following platforms.




Track Listing:
1. Curtain Call (2:03)
2. Under the Weight (5:27)
3. Nero (4:42)
4. Enchanted Wizard/ Hail The Outro (5:20)
EP Length: 17:34

Album and Live Line Up:
Jordan Rose – Vocals
Corey Norman – Guitars
Andrew Coutts – Bass
Sylvain Coderre – Drums

For more info:

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