(Los Angeles, CA – July 30th, 2019) California rock 3-piece Lost Puppy have premiered their new video for “Well Sedated”.

The band spoke exclusively to Music Existence to discuss the release, the follow up to Spring’s “Satellite’s Way”.

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Since the release of 2017’s ‘Wash Your Hands Before You Steal My Heart’, Lost Puppy has gone about crafting a unique and transparent brand of indie-rock. The band considers themselves “Rock N Roll for the vulnerable”, something which resonates with the thoughtful, poetic and absorbing lyricism of lead vocalist Steve Cherkassky.

Musically, the energetic finesse of drummer Carlo Ribaux combines with Cherkassky’s guitars and the resonating power of Philip Nielsen’s bass. The band hones influence from across a range of backgrounds and this is something that harbors truth in the forward thinking and creative brand of rock present on their debut full-length.

Every song in Lost Puppy’s arsenal paints with a dynamic brush, revealing an emotionally intense picture for anyone who is reaching out to be understood. Despite their relative youth and inexperience, Lost Puppy have already harnessed this emotive composition into an enthralling and high-energy live show, bringing a dynamic and highly accessible performance on record and on stage.

An acoustic and electric set at Echo Park Rising last year marked the pinnacle of their live career to date, with the California trio seamlessly making the step up to the big stage

With a new EP on the way later this year, Lost Puppy debuts the introspective and thoughtful “Well Sedated”.

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Lost Puppy is:

Steve Cherkassky – Vocals, Guitar
Philip Nielsen – Bass
Carlo Ribaux – Drums

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