Victorius // Space Ninjas From Hell // Album Review
Victorius // Space Ninjas From Hell // Album Review 9
Victorius // Space Ninjas From Hell // Album Review 9
Victorius // Space Ninjas From Hell // Album Review 9
Victorius // Space Ninjas From Hell // Album Review 9
Victorius // Space Ninjas From Hell // Album Review 9
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Victorius ​are back with some more epic storytelling and power metal. It’s been a few years since the band have released a full album however they did release an EP over a year ago to keep our interest in the wonderful world they have created.
Our last step into the Victorius world brought us aliens versus dinosaurs so what could the next step be… ​Space Ninjas From Hell​ is the answer to that. So where does this supergalactic adventure take us?

Heading straight in with “Masters of the Sunblades” we are introduced to the story and the evil ninjas themselves and a sneak peek into their absolutely epic weapon base with laser eyes for shooting. What’s incredible about this band is while the storytelling is interesting, the tracks themselves are well-composed. The chorus is something you can see crowds in arenas joining in and creating a metal battle scene almost with swords/fists raised in the air. As we progress through the album the music powers on through creating this perfect background to the lyrics which give us a well thought out glimpse into this new universe. The guitars drive the tracks forward and the choruses continue to have a very melodic feel to them. The vocals are cleanly placed above the music so the words can be clearly heard and followed but the guitar solos confirm that this is in fact a metal album. Back to the story itself and we’re introduced to laser Katanas and the “Evil Wizard WuShu Master” who is an epic evil sorcerer. Let’s not forget the “Wrath of the Dragon God” and the “Astral Assassin Shark Attack” who’s singular bite can kill!

Whether it’s fantasy tales you’re interested in or just clean power metal, this album fits both categories and is a must-listen. As we begin to see what 2020 offers us it’s clear that Victorius are looking further into the future and the hidden depths of space!




The tracklisting for Space Ninjas From Hell is:

  1. Tale of the Sunbladers
  2. Ninjas Unite
  3. Super Sonic Samurai
  4. Evil Wizard WuShu Master
  5. Nippon Knights
  6. Shuriken Showdown
  7. Wasabi Warmachine
  8. Warth of the Dragongod
  9. Astral Assassin Shark Attack
  10. Space Ninjas from Hell
  11. Cosmic Space Commando Base
  12. Shinobi Strike 3000

Album Release Date​: 17.01.2020




Release Shows
17.01.20 DE – Berlin / Nuke Club

18.01.20 DE – Hamburg / Bambi Galore 23.01.20 DE – Düsseldorf / Pitcher 29.02.20 DE – Leipzig / Halle 5

/w Serenity & Ad Infinitum
01.04.20 DE – Munich / Backstage 02.04.20 DE – Berlin / Nuke Club 03.04.20 DE – Weinheim / Cafe Central 04.04.20 DE – Essen / Turock
05.04.20 NL – Haarlem / Patronaat 07.04.20 NL – Enschede / Metropool 08.04.20 BE – Aarschof / De Klinker 09.04.20 DE – Rüsselheim / Das Rind 10.04.20 CH – Luzern / Schüür 11.04.20 AT – Wörgl / Komma


VICTORIUS line-up:
David Baßin on vocals
Dirk Scharsich on guitar
Florian Zack on guitar
Andreas Dockhorn on bass
Frank Koppe on drums

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