VIANDE // L’abime dévore les âmes // Album Review


Dwelling from the darkest chasm VIANDE is born.

Evidently building to a climax of destruction “L’abime dévore les âmes” is a sonic barrage destroying all the senses.

Hailing from France & born in 2013 VIANDE deserve their title of Dark & Atmospheric Death Metal.

The band’s debut full length “L’abime dévore les âmes” is the journey into the abyss you might of been searching for.

Melding the styles of legendary death metal bands like Incantation with the new age of Cruciamentum & Fossilization.

Comprising of eight tracks & running at near 43 minutes

“L’abime dévore les âmes” is sheer nihilistic punishment.

“Les dents du gouffre” the album’s opening track is armageddon.

Drones weave into shrills before feedback erupts on the track.

A slow, punishing riff kicks the song into gear.

Awash of vocals from J cover the track in a landscape of dirt & moss. Dripping with horror & disgust.

M blasts throughout the album with a raw & thunderous drum sound. The real skeleton to this album. Keeping the punishment always turned to full & an unrelenting drum performance.

“La Tombe Avid ” raises the bar & the band morphs into a blackened death metal titan.

Blastbeats piercing the eardrums, whiplashing guitar riffs even in the grindcore realm.

While J’s vocals are style slime drenched but here we have a fast delivery which is a great change of pace.

The apocalyptic closer “Langues De Brume” is a cocoon of panic & anxiety-inducing sounds. Harnessing elements that are seen throughout the album this track has it all.

Review: Joseph Mitchell

L’abime dévore les âmes is out via Transcending Obscurity Records on 15th April 2022

Track Listing –

1. Les Dents Du Gouffre

2. Le Ventre Monde

3. La Tombe Avide

4. Miroir Decharne

5. Le Souffle Des Os

6. Traitre A La Vie

7. Lueurs De Cendres

8. Langues De Brume

Line up –

J: vocals + visuals

B: guitars + noise

M: drums

G: live bass

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