VERITYWHITE – Ungrounded – EP Review

An EP full of hope, providing an emotionally charged antidote to the inescapable plight of real life.

A Little Bit of Trouble’ begins with plinks of electric guitar which thrum through your ears grabbing your attention, quickly followed by a drumbeat and electronic keys as Verity’s soothing voice glides in effortlessly weaving a pretty powerful pattern above the full force of the instruments.  Those high notes are every bit as strong as the grittier lower ones.  Halfway through sees the introduction of the louder guitar with clipped vocals adding more texture and the fierce growl of “No regrets” is meaningful and relatable though quite possibly stained with bleeding heartbreak.

Mist’ (beginning with drums, guitar and what sounds like a mournful violin) may have softer words but they gently stretch and twine their arms around you in a firm grasp, reminding you not to mess about.  As a glimpse into a personal journal, this track is incredibly evocative with a guitar section approximately a third of the way through further pulling your heart along on the ride.

What really strikes you with ‘Strange Times’ is how easily decipherable the words are – even with the layered harmonies and thrumming tune behind – the music is in no way gentle yet Verity’s voice cuts through like a weapon carving a teasingly welcome path into your soul.  At times the varied pitches could be likened to Kate Bush. The short sharp ending of “How did we get so lost?” leaves you with a perfect sense of questioning.

With a brief instrumental intro, ‘Turn Myself Around’ sparks memories of the ‘All About Eve’ era of music and you could easily imagine sitting on the edge of Martha’s Harbour, kicking your heels whilst contemplating precisely “How do I turn MYSELF around?”  An important message to perhaps take from this EP is that we all have a softer inside, no matter how deep it is buried and without facing our shadows it is impossible to toughen our outer armour.

The lyrics in this EP seem very vulnerable and yet the style in which they are delivered feels so self-assured and independent. With personality shining as brightly as the music, this, the second EP released during the COVID19 restrictions, is an impressive feat.

Verity White is set to unleash ‘Ungrounded’ on 27th November 2020.  Find out more at


Suzi Bootz



01 A Little Bit Of Trouble

02 Mist

03 Strange Times

04 Turn Myself Around


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