Verity White Releases Her Latest EP Distilled – Out Now

Verity White Releases Her Latest EP Distilled – Out Now

Acclaimed, original and ever-exciting Alt Indie artist Verity White today releases her brand-new 6-track EP ‘Distilled’: a fresh, brilliant distillation of Verity and Alex’s new sound and of the qualities that lie at the very heart of their music. It forms a potent, varied six-pack brew that’s impressed reviewers and fans alike, offering something fresh to fans of the conventional indie/alternative-rock scene.

Verity and her co-writer and husband (Alex White) draw inspiration from ‘90s paragons Skunk Anansie and Tori Amos; from electronica (like the duo Lamb and from CHRVCHES); and from bands like Paramore and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Together, Verity and Alex weave together driving riffs, synth parts, and impassioned but nuanced vocals to create alternative music that’s rich in emotional charge, meaning and relevance, that hits with serious clout and has blown reviewers away with Verity’s vocal talent.

What’s more, their sound has evolved — as you’ll hear in their new EP. As Verity explains: “’Distilled’ is the culmination of a lot of work, creating and thinking over lockdown, as we decided to transition from a 4-piece band to a duo and utilise the synths and electronics that we love to make a new, more modern sound. We wanted to make something that took inspiration from all our musical influences, from jazz and Motown to grunge and hard rock, and everything in-between. The mini-album itself is a smorgasbord of various styles, but we feel that it’s the most honest work we’ve produced yet — and that it truly is the essence of Alex and I distilled into a new sound (See what I did there?!)”

“We’re so excited to finally release ‘Distilled’,” Verity adds, “so much work has gone into refining our new sound: striving to keep the heart of what we do, but to not be confined by genre or expectations. This really is a whole load of inspirations in one, but it feels honest and like it really showcases what Al and I are about. I’m so happy we managed to get him playing sax on a track too: I’ve been teasing that he’s an amazing saxophonist for a while so now you all get to hear it! As usual, the lyrics are really honest— sometimes struggling, but always with a glimmer of positivity and fierceness. I really hope our fans enjoy the musical journey that ‘Distilled’ takes them on!”

“‘Distilled’ is a great example of a band really finding themselves while not being afraid to experiment,” writes Carl Fisher, for Games, Brrraaains & A Head-Banging Life.
If you’ve got a thirst for something fresh and a bit different, Verity White’s ‘Distilled’ may be just what you’re looking for. “Smart, insightful rock for listeners who expect more than just surface glimmer,” as Neil Mach puts it for Rawramp.

‘Distilled’ is now available on all digital platforms


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