Formed in 2004, Venomous Concept was immediately viewed as a Grind/Punk supergroup, with the likes of Brutal Truth vocalist Kevin Sharp joined by the bass player of Napalm Death, Shane Emery. The two were joined by Napalm Death drummer Danny Herrera and Melvins guitarist Buzz Osborne for the debut album Retroactive Abortion before joining Japanese band 324 for a split release in 2006 which was then followed by a further split in 2008 with Blood Duster.

Osborne had to step aside due to schedules not aligning, therefore Emery switched guitar duty and Brutal Truth bassist Dan Lilker took over on bass, and then John Cooke of Corrupt Moral Altar provided a second guitar for touring before Poisoned Apple was released in 2008. After a break, the band released Kick Me Silly – VCIII in 2016, and following a tour with Brujeria in 2019 the band headed back to create this, their fourth release.

The chaotic Grind starts immediately as the band begin their take on the current state of the world and pull no punches as they attack the subjects that are facing us all at present. The riffs are extremely strong throughout and the bass takes center stage at times, creating a low down groove as the drums never stop being abused and the rough vocal provides the abrasive narrative.

The album is a 13 track offering that lasts just over 30 minutes of non-stop balls out Punk/Grind power the kind of like is rarely achieved, however, we do have some if the biggest players in the game here, all on the same mission.

As the album progresses you get the feeling that the band is having a lot of fun whilst tackling these real issues, and you can’t help but feel your body making involuntary movements to the music, most of which will be violent in nature!

Politics Versus The Erection is a half-hour of breakneck filthy Grind that is as good as anything else you are likely to hear and is a lot of fun to listen to whilst also being an outspoken soundtrack to the current state of the world and its issues that need to be focussed on. This is a great addition to any music collection.

Ed Ford


Politics Versus The Erection is released Friday 28th August 2020 via Season of Mist.



Track List

1. Simian Flu (03:20)
2. Hole in the Ground (00:53)
3. Eliminate (02:00)
4. Lemonade (03:42)
5. Colossal Failure (03:20)
6. Promise (03:24)
7. Septic Mind (03:15)
8. Dementia Degeneration (02:24)
9. Carrion (02:17)
10. Broken Teeth (02:09)
11. Shadows (02:46)
12. Mantis Toboggan (01:36)
13. Politics Versus the Erection (02:37)

Kevin Sharp – Vocals
Shane Embury – Bass
John Cooke – Guitar
Danny Herrera – Drums


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