Venom - Storm The Gates - Album Review
Venom - Storm The Gates - Album Review7
Venom - Storm The Gates - Album Review7
Venom - Storm The Gates - Album Review7
Venom - Storm The Gates - Album Review7
Venom - Storm The Gates - Album Review7
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Most fans of any form of Metal will have heard of Venom, a band that changed the face of Black Metal with their raw and uncompromising sound which has been making waves since 1979. The latest form of Venom has been in place since 2009, with Cronos leading the march and as they approach the 40thanniversary of Venom, they bring us the latest offering in their impressive discography.

Album opener ‘Bring Out Your Dead’ sets out the stall as we hear the unmistakable vocal rasping at us, it is clear that the subject matter is very much Venom, as the drums crash and the guitars squeal this is a no nonsense release.

The combination of heavy hooks and riffs along with a pacey and clear drum, topped off with that vocal is the recipe for the album, along with scintillating solos that leave your face on the floor as this experienced band push forward. The production is cleaner than the old Venom albums which allows for a fuller sound and the overall feel is less Black Metal more Death Metal as the feeling that this ensemble are pushing themselves further.

‘100 Miles To Hell’ has an underlying groove and the vocal is more varied than other tracks as the rasping singing guides us through the hooks and crashing music as it leads us to solos and incredible musical crescendo before continuing us on the journey.

‘Destroyer’ is s lower paced track, starting off quite Sludgy and purposeful, however with less pace we get more detuning and more sinister sounds that sound like they are from the depth of hell. This is a monster of a track whilst ‘Storm The Gates’ closes the album with its quick, riff laden intro leading to a great anthem that will be a live favourite and leaves you ready for more.

It is clear that Venom are a different sound to the other half of the original band and are doing their own thing, which they are doing very well. They have taken what they know and have experience of and produced a strong album that will be enjoyed far and wide.


Ed Ford

Storm The Gates was released Dec 14th 2018 via Spinefarm Records.

Track List

01. Bring Out Your Dead
02. Notorious
03. I Dark Lord
04. 100 Miles To Hell
05. Dark Night (Of The Soul)
06. Beaten To A Pulp
07. Destroyer
08. The Mighty Have Fallen
09. Over My Dead Body
10. Suffering Dictates

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