Venom Prison // Erebos // Album Review


Since Venom Prison’s formation in 2014 they have quickly become the leading band flying the flag for large scale UK death metal.

“Animus” the bands first full length was welcomed by the underground scene worldwide. Together with lengthy touring globally & with the release of their second full length “Samsara” saw the band evolve their sound even further, become tight as a unit & create one of the best albums of 2019.

Now comes “Erebos” the bands newest & third album. Helmed by the legendary producer Scott Atkins (of Stampin Ground fame) & the bands first release on the leading metal label Century Media.

Right from the opening track / intro “Born From Chaos” we can hear the band’s newest evolution & the sonic soundscapes they are reaching within “Erebos”.

“Judges Of The Underworld” as the first track is the perfect example on why this band have become the titans they have.

Not only as musicians they’ve become one of the tightest live acts,

but also as song writers they make everything click & work together.

Where others may throw everything at the wall & as see what sticks. Venom Prison are precise & meticulous in their writing, which creates memorable & a fluid sound structure.

Mixing quick rhythmic chugging with blistering leads before the song smashes into the hypnotic verse sections.

Larissa Stupar the group’s singer has been able to shine throughout the album.

Even on the first track her ability to use her voice as a weapon but at the same time use it in a sultry & melodic way makes “Judges Of The Underworld” one of the hookiest tracks of 2021. Oh and not to forget the ridiculous breakdown as Larissa screams “Choose your side..” the world implodes. A monumental way to close the first track.

Like the previous track “Nemesis” showcases the talents of Larrisa again.

A mix of a primal like beat & groove in tandem with her vocal delivery this track is pardon the pun, pure fucking venom. Full of hate & anger. The bridge quickly calms down into a quick jazz like section before the band pulls it back. Shredding leads give this album the epic touches it needs.

And epic was a word that I constantly was thinking about while listening to this album. From start to end it feels like a group they have taken it one step further and put everyone’s fibre of themselves into each song. Trying to outdo each previous track.

The third track “Comfort Of Complicity” was a brilliant surprise.

From the first few opening notes it took me right back to the first time I heard Carcass – “Heartwork”. Ash Gray & Ben Thomas the bands guitarists have been able to write not only some of the catchiest riffs Venom Prison have written to date but also both are so prolific in their lead playing & play so well off each other.

This track is the perfect blend of classic melo death like At The Gates, Unleashed with the raw aggression of 90’s hardcore.

This track also has by far the best solos on the album. Epic on a grand scale on this one.

Now we reach the midpoint of the album. “Pain Of Oizys” is the band’s most diverse effort to date. Not only is the perfect “palette cleanse” but it also breaks up the album nicely before we carry on the journey.

What “Pain Of Oizys” shows to the listener is that Venom Prison doesn’t only flex one muscle. I really hope they continue down this path on later albums. Because this track is simply beautiful & perfect.

Even on eighth track “Gorgon Sisters” the band haven’t taken their foot of the gas. Like “Comfort Of Complicity” has some great melo death soaked riffs but also has the biggest early Venom Prison sound. A very raw and stripped back sound. Brutal & honest in its delivery.

At the midway point the track opens up into this gobsmacking section before unleashing the hordes and destroying everything in its path to the heaviest breakdown Venom Prison have written to date!!!

“Technologies Of Death” closes out the album. The final showcase of what a monolith Venom Prison created. Part title track & harking back to the opening intro “Born From Chaos” with the albums theme of “Erebos”. A perfect closing chapter into the band’s now solid third album effort. Also the perfect track that shows the fantastic dynamic between bassist Mike Jefferies & drummer Joe Bills. The tight thumping undertone to the whole album.

“Erebos” shows Venom Prison has what it takes to dominate the globe. A meticulously written album full to the brim of diverse & refreshing song writing. Their best & most ferocious work to date.

Joseph Mitchell

Erebos is out via Century Media on February 4th, 2022

Track listing:

  1. Born From Chaos
  2. Judges Of The Underworld
  3. Nemesis
  4. Comfort Of Complicity
  5. Pain Of Oizys
  6. Golden Apples Of The Hesperides
  7. Castigated In Steel And Concrete
  8. Gorgon Sisters
  9. Veil Of Night

10.Technologies Of Death




Larissa Stupar – lead vocals

Ash Gray – guitar

Ben Thomas – guitar

Mike Jefferies – bass

Joe Bills – drums

Venom Prison // Erebos // Album Review
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