Venetian psych stoner rockers MAYA MOUNTAINS premiere first new single in twelve years!
“Era” to be released April 17th on Go Down Records



Being close to stoner rock, heavy psych, 70’s sounds and bands like Black Sabbath, Melvins and Kyuss, Italy’s MAYA MOUNTAINS are about to release their brand new album „Era“, coming April 17th on Go Down Records. Twelve years after the debut album “Hash And Pornography”, the Venetian band now shared “San Saguaro”, the highly anticipated first single in twelve years!
Deep visions and abstract scenarios, an amalgamation of dream like psych and stoner rock – “San Saguaro”, the brand new and hypnotic first single from the upcoming album, streaming now at THIS LOCATIONSan Saguaro is the first single taken from Maya Mountains’ new album out on April 17th. It’s called Era and it’s a concept album that tells the lysergic adventure of Enrique Dominguez. In this song our psychic traveller, landed in the desert of an alien world, pricks himself with the big cactus called saguaro – As they whisper in my ear, melt their fingers with my head – From here comes the transition to a new dystopian landscape, populated by some disturbing epic figures…” the band explains.


Era” will be coming out April 17th on Go Down Records and is now available for pre-order RIGHT HERE

01. Enrique Dominguez
02. In The Shadow
03. San Saguaro
04. Dead City
05. Vibromatic
06. Raul
07. Ufo
08. Baumgartner
09. Extremely High
10. El Toro

Alessandro Toffanello | vocals, bass, synth
Emanuel Poletto | guitars
Marco Bortoletto | drums

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