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Every few years a new band comes onto my radar & ends up taking over my world. In 2013 & first hearing the bands demo & “Terrors Realm” release i knew they would be a band that changes the landscape of hardcore in the next few years.

Then out comes “Errorzone” in 2018.

A masterpiece of chaotic hardcore, breakdowns & pitch harmonics recorded to date.

Now in 2022 the band are releasing their follow up,

“This World Is Going to Ruin You”.

I will straight out say this album has been able crush any worry of a sophomore slump or folding under pressure of such a brilliant first album.

“This World Is Going to Ruin You” is every stand out part of “Errorzone” but what the band has been able to do on this album is further their sound & create my favourite “metalcore” of the last few years & even trump “Errorzone”.

Just by the opening track “Welcome Home” the band show their ability to write their most crushing breakdown to date. Invoking a sense of dredd & despair before crashing into the first single track “The Killing Womb”.

Bursting with rhythmic aggression, this track showcases’s true nature. Relentless & deranged in their sound. Featuring a chorus that is truly an earworm that stayed in my brain for a week this track is the blueprint for what’s to come.

“Versus Wyoming” the follow up is the perfect glue that stitches “Welcome Home” with “Fear In Non Fiction”. Only fifty five seconds long but it helps keep the contextual theme running throughout the album & the listener on the edge of their seat.

Featuring the emo legacy that is Geoff Rickly of Thursday, this track is the next chapter in the band’s auditory expansion, Much like “Doomtech” on the band’s first release this track sees the group open their melodic wings.

The genius of is the fact they can make harsh elements of vocalist Anthony DiDio screams blend & fit so well with Geoff Rickly’s soaring feature. Bringing the track down on the later half, lulling you into a blanket of comfort before erupting into a wall of discordant noise.

Like a lullaby “Wherever You Are” softly wipes the slate clean before the next step in Vein.fms sonic expansion. The magnificent “Magazine Beach”.

The song writing on this track is something that should be studied. Utilising Benno Levine’s samples not just as texture but as solid song writing this track is not only gonna be a surprise for fans but will also show the world what are capable of.

The last few tracks on the album still show how far the band are pushing all their elements.

“Orgy In The Morgue” is like lighting in a bottle. The guitar work from Jeremy Martin & bassit Jon Lhaubouet on this track shines through as well as their additional vocals. A mile a minute riffs & breakdowns all buildin to a climax & peak of the track that is an audio cataclysm.

In a total bait & switch next comes “Wavery”. My favourite track on the album. And here is where you feel all the elements of past & present collide. Using the DNA of Deftones, Converge & Disembodied this track covers all the bases but is the bands most wide-ranging & best to date.

The seven minute closer “Funeral Sound” feels like just the song’s title. Something that would be found in a Darren Aronofsky movie. The sound of depression, anxiety & isolation. A beautiful mournful song that at its pinnacle will leave the listener changed forever.

“This World Is Going To Ruin You” is the next step in evolute for as well in setting the standard for the new generation of hardcore.

Joseph Mitchell

This World Is Going To Ruin You is out via Nuclear Blast on 4th March 2022


1. Welcome Home

2. The Killing Womb

3. Versus Wyoming

4. Fear In Non Fiction

5. Lights Out

6. Wherever You Are

7. Magazine Beach

8. Inside Design

9. Hellnight

10. Orgy In The Morgue

11. Wavery

12. Funeral Sound

Anthony DiDio – Vocals

Matt Wood – Drums

Jeremy Martin – Guitar, Vocals

Jon Lhaubouet – Bass, Backing Vocals

Benno Levine – Samples, Turntables // This World Is Going To Ruin You // Album Review
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