(LAS VEGAS, NV – July 17th, 2020) Las Vegas quartet Amarionette have released, ‘Sunset On This Generation’.

The band hones 80’s funk-rock, splayed with pop sensibility and splashed with post-hardcore.

Stream ‘Sunset On This Generation’ via Spotify & YouTube.

Guitarist Nick Raya spoke exclusively to Alternative Press, to discuss the new record.

Amarionette SOTG

“Amarionette have grown into a funk-rock juggernaut with an ’80s pop sensibility and 21st-century musicianship.” – Alternative Press

“…spring heeled-pop rock that somehow both soars and gets right in your face.” – Kerrang

“big hooks, catchy melodies, and a funk-driven, mesmerizing delivery.” – Substream

“The mesmerizing, unbelievably infectious melody blends elements of metalcore-lite with dulcet pop dynamics into a song glowing with magnetic energy – lots of sonic muscle topped by candied pop relishes.” – Tattoo

With over 1 million streams on Spotify and having toured nationally – including with the likes of Kurt Travis, Eidola and Strawberry Girls – Amarionette is far from a hidden gem, their dexterous and expressive sound is intricate and impeccably delivered, as they draw influence from rock, pop and post-hardcore, combining big hooks, delightful retro vibes and enchanting vocals.

Following on from the release of 2019’s ‘Evolution’, hotly anticipated ‘Sunset On This Generation’ is a heady blend of genre-bending synth rock and mouth-watering pop, with splashes of heavier, post-hardcore influence throughout; uplifting and boisterous, unmistakeably Amarionette.

‘Sunset On This Generation’ is out now on Spotify & YouTube

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Amarionette is:
Nick Raya
AJ Sarmiento
Ron Wells
Spencer “Issy” Berry

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