British rock band VEGA release their new album “Grit Your Teeth” on Friday 12th June 2020 via Frontier Records. The album will be available to order from and To celebrate the release of the album the band release their new single “How We Live” the same day and it is available digitally from Apple Music, Amazon Music and Spotify. 

Buckle up and hold tight, VEGA are back with the album of their career. “Grit Your Teeth” will take you to screaming highs and gritty lows. It’ll keep you coming back for more.

Says the band’s lead singer and frontman, Nick Workman, “Selfishly, we’ve taken a few risks by recording an album, that, first and foremost, we can be proud of. Don’t try and tag it with any sub-genre of rock or metal, just enjoy it.”

“Nick’s right, says VEGA’s keyboardist, James Martin. “We set out to do something different on this album. We wanted to stand out from the rest of the pack.”

“The band agreed on making a more modern sounding and edgy record.” Reflects VEGA’s drummer, Martin Hutchinson. I think we definitely achieved that.” 

“I think it’s our best album yet,” adds guitarist Mikey Kew.

If the last album, “Only Human”, was a commentary of what was going on our lives. The new album is very much a reflection of those times and the outcomes. It’s a very positive album in its overall message, but it also has a lot of dark moments. It was very therapeutic for the band to write and record the album.

VEGA’s love for love rock from the 80’s and early 90’s shines through without rehashing it. Their inspiration comes from the 80’s and 90’s (they even have a Miami Vice drum roll), however, the album also draws inspiration from other places, and dragged into 2020.

VEGA wrote the album from January 2019 until they started recording in August 2019. The album was recorded in an industrial unit in York with the Graves Brothers who have previously produced Asking Alexandria. That is more the “metal” side of the album and was a perfect fit for VEGA as they wanted to blend melody and hooks with power. 

“Joe and Sam Graves did a great job producing the album. They knew exactly what the band were trying to achieve,” says Workman. Tracking finished by September 2019.  Mixing and mastering was completed before Christmas.

Says VEGA’s bass player, Tom Martin – “This is stadium rock for 2020.”



Nick Workman (Vocals)

Martin Hutchison (Drums)
Marcus Thurston (Guitar)
Michael Kew (Guitar)

Tom Martin (Bass)
James Martin (Keyboards)


  1. Blind 
  2. (I Don’t Need) Perfection
  3. Grit Your Teeth
  4. Man On A Mission
  5. Don’t Fool Yourself Again
  6. Consequence Of Having A Heart
  7. This One’s For You
  8. Battles Ain’t A War
  9. Save Me From Myself
  10. How We Live
  11. Done With Me


 Produced by Joe and Sam Graves and VEGA
Recorded at Innersound Audio Recording Studio

Mixed by Joe Graves
Mastered by Joe Graves



“Got to be cruel to be mankind.”

There are so many “here today, gone tomorrow” trends these days. Social media is a constant, ever changing fashion forum. It’s so full of the latest surveys we should share, click bait and so much other crap. These days we’re looking for posts about Brexit and people asking for my prayers. This song is commentary on the fact we believe what we read, and we crave attention all the time. Maybe the heaviest/sleaziest VEGA song we have done? Kinda Guns’N’Roses meets Metallica vibe.


“My life was back in fashion; retrospective action was needed now.”

We had about three songs for this album demoed at the point this song came along. Once this was written we ditched the others as this one set the standard. It has loads of swagger and just opened up some many avenues for us. Lyrically, this is very much about taking back control of your life and realising that you don’t need something to be perfect for it to make you happy. It just needs to not make you sad! The verse had a Nirvana vibe to the bass line until James added a really cool synth bass line to it and we definitely had the live environment in mind when we did the “yeah-e-yeah’s”. From the moment we wrote it we knew we wanted it to be a single.


“My weapon of choice ain’t a gun it’s a voice.”

I had that line knocking around for ages but never had a home for it, so I was pleased to be able to use it. It seems even more relevant when you consider the Greta Vs the Donald Twitter spat. And this song is very much about David and Goliath, no pain/no gain and not giving a shit about the naysayers. When we demoed it, the verse had a very clean INXS funky guitar which sounded cool, but it didn’t quite fit the rest of the song. We gave it a bit of a Leppard “Sugar” vibe and it all clicked together. The middle section ended up with a really cool Gospel, Bon Jovi “Lay your hands on me vibe”.


“It’s Friday night every day.”

Very much my mantra and how and I feel about life following a few changes in my personal life. This one will take a few by surprise, I think. Tom sent me the music and it became my Frankenstein’s monster. I had a vision for the song and cut it to pieces. Tom totally got it and knew where I was going, the other guys were a little unsure and I will never let James forget when we had to choose which songs we were going to use, he dropped this one. haha. However, it’s now one of his favourites on the album so he has got a reprieve haha. We really wanted the verse to start of very laid back and sparse and then go nuts!! I think we achieved that.


“You gotta feed it, gotta be it.”

One of the best choruses we have done in my opinion, I love it. Very much a song about being yourself and loving who you are and once again a “fuck you” to the naysayers. My daughter is growing up in a world where she faces a lot of very different challenges to when we were kids. Once again, social media and its demands. So, this is almost a conversation between me and her. She knows how proud I am of her. On every album there is a song that we talk about writing before we do. This was the one on this album. We wanted a straight-ahead pop/rock song with swagger and groove that was pumping all the way through. Credit to James and what he did on keyboards with this album. This is very much an album where we all performed for the song and none more so than James. He could have gone nuts on keyboard lines, but he didn’t because he chose the song over ego. By doing that he had to think even more about his parts to use them to great effect and once again the synth bass line in the chorus owns this song… along with the amazing melodies.


“Treading water, cut adrift in a sea of change.”

A different rhythm to this track which is great. We pride ourselves on trying to make each album evolve from the previous one. There are loads of bands out there who have four albums out and you couldn’t say which song came from which album. I don’t think we are one of them. This song and Save Me From Myself were nearly overlooked. We had the music, but they got forgotten as we had so many ideas kicking around. But the twins and I have a WhatsApp group and we were going through bits and pieces and these forgotten backing tracks came up and the time was right for them to be worked on. I ended up singing on the section Tom meant for the solo so Marcus will be pissed! This was also the title for the album for a while, but we decided it was a little too long.


“Broken bones will heal but when your prides hit nothing takes away the pain.”

A great rocker that nearly opened the album. A piano solo in an all-out rocker is unexpected and I think that adds to the excitement and vibe of this song. Very much about our band ethos in that we are in this together and if one of us is in a fight, we all are. We dealt with some issues a few years back that could have broken a lot of bands, but it actually made us stronger. Very recognisable as VEGA but with a twist.


“Everybody bleeds, everybody needs…”

We can all have a shit day, we hate Monday’s, have a bit of bad luck… stub our toe on the bed and think it’s the end of the world! This is very much about the fact we can sometimes drag ourselves down by thinking something stuff is worse than it actually is, and this maybe distracts us from the real fight we maybe in. On paper, this is a very simple song because it’s pretty much the same chords throughout. So, the challenge was making it not sound like that and add some serious dynamics to it. 3 guitar solos (this was like porn for Marcus), an operatic section and Tom nearly cutting his finger off just before he was meant to record some guitars, all added to the vibe of the song. A great song to listen to a night. Well, 4 minutes and 36 seconds of your night at least.


“A cry for help that is never heard. The echoes, they deafen me.”

Another tune that is maybe more recognisable as VEGA. A very dark song that is an observation of how mental health issues have become an epidemic. There is not one cure for this disease, but I guess the first step is recognising you have a problem. Musically we wanted this to have real light and shade. Full of hooks (even the intro is a hook with the piano and guitar line ringing through), melody and powerful instrumentation. It’s funny that it nearly didn’t even get looked at but as mentioned above in “Consequence…”, it had its moment in the sun and shone brightly.


“I didn’t want to be a fighter but now the gloves are off.”

Another song that links us to our past but probably the last of its kind that we will write. Very catchy melodic rock with plenty of hooks and shredding haha. James got to play some keyboards on this song, so he finally earned his pay. Very much about leaving a legacy you will be proud of and living in the moment. People have always said about saving ‘for a rainy day”, well I think you should also get to enjoy the days in the sun too and live a life you can look back on without feeling you missed out on something you could have done.


“I’m a bastard.”

This song is like a disobedient teenager with an attitude problem. At some point in life we all have someone talking crap about us. This song is about us looking them in the eye and saying, “And?” We wanted to end the album with a slap in the face and go nuts… so we did. There’s no guitar solo, but it rocks like an animal and has loads of shouting and screaming.


VEGA: Nick Workman, Tom Martin, James Martin, Marcus Thurston, Hutch and Mikey Kew – have a rich history; including stints with Kick, Sugartown and Paul Dianno, but it was their meeting of musical minds back in 2009 that gave the rock-genre one of the finest releases of that year in the form of their debut album, “Kiss Of Life”.

Its eclectic, off-kilter style of rock made them stand out from the crowd and the band were keen to be more than just another “AOR” band. Bassist Tom Martin was keen to play down their AOR credentials by stating in Classic Rock Magazine, “We don’t want to be an eighties throwback.” It’s not that they don’t like AOR, far from it; it’s just that they wanted to add new flavours and it’s a manifesto that they live for to this very day.

Having originally signed to Frontiers, the lure of Ninetone Records and Spinefarm Records, a division of Universal, was too big a draw for them to ignore and they promptly signed on the dotted line for their sophomore release, “What The Hell”. Whilst the resulting album was warmly received, things were different behind the scenes which resulted in them cutting their losses and severing all ties with Universal.

With the band licking their wounds, a simple email saw them back on the Frontiers roster, with their third album, “Stereo Messiah”, released in 2014. Recorded at the home studio of John Mitchell, the It Bites frontman managed to get the best out of a band whose past product was far from shabby. With the band staying at the studio, it gave them a cohesive, living and breathing aspect to the recording and production. With Mitchell’s all-time favourite album being Def Leppard’s “Hysteria”, it comes as no surprise that it came with a production that Mutt Lange would be proud of. Stereo Messiah was also graced by the vocal presence of Def Leppard’s, Joe Elliott, who also gave the band a song for the album.

They’ve toured over the years with Skid Row, Last in Line, FM, Magnum, Joe Elliott’s Down and Outz, Dan Reed Network and had festival appearances at DOWNLOAD, Planet Rockstock, Steelhouse, HRH AOR, Rockingham and the Frontiers Festival in Milan that have all gone into shaping them into one of this country’s finest bands. The fact that they are not more widely recognised is more down to bad luck than anything else, as anyone that has witnessed them recently will testify. 

The fourth instalment in the Vega saga saw them releasing an album that was reckoned to be the best of their recording career. Produced and mixed by Harry Hess, “Who We Are” saw them in fine form. It was like they’d drawn together all the pieces of the puzzle, coming up with an album of such magnitude that it was hard to put into words. Lyrically compelling, it traversed the genres with ease, hitting a note with pop and rock fans alike. Songs like “Saving Grace”, “White Flag” and “Every Little Monster” are sublime moments on an album that was stuffed full of outstanding songs. The subsequent tour with the Dan Reed Network was one of last year’s finest pairings, whilst their Hard Rock Hell performance was the stuff of legend. 

2017 saw them releasing “Only Human”, a collection of songs that focused on their core strengths; strong harmonies, big choruses and a compelling lyrical content.  The album exceeded their expectations by hitting the UK National Rock Chart at no3 between Shinedown and Black Stone Cherry!! The band toured with the Quireboys, Skid Row and many others, including DOWNLOAD along with heroes Def Leppard and Whitesnake.

Album 6 will be released in May 2020 and it set to “blow the roof off”. Working with “The Graves Brothers” (Asking Alexandria, Funeral for Friend, The Family Ruin) They’ve pulled out all the stops, disconnected the brakes and produced their biggest songs for their biggest sounding album. Theirs is a brand of music that is as rewarding as it is challenging. This is not the end; it’s the beginning of an exciting new chapter in the history of Vega.


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