Vandenderg // 2020 // Album Review
Vandenderg // 2020 // Album Review 10
Vandenderg // 2020 // Album Review 10
Vandenderg // 2020 // Album Review 10
Vandenderg // 2020 // Album Review 10
Vandenderg // 2020 // Album Review 10
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Adrian Vandenberg is back with a bang, thirty-five years after the last release from the original Vandenberg he has assembled a group of musicians that have created an Eighties hard rock masterpiece with a modern feel.

With the vocal talents of Ronnie Romero from Rainbow, Tank bassist Randy van der Elsen and Koen Herfst on drums you have a tight and accomplished band with a phenomenal sound. “Shadows Of The Night” is a straight-up rocker and a great way to get the album underway, the obvious Whitesnake comparisons will no doubt flow thick and fast but don’t let that mar your listening pleasure as you get hammered by the drums, throbbing bass, and Vandenberg’s silky guitar skills with Romero doing what he does best, blowing you away with his voice. “Freight Train” follows in the same fashion, big riffs, massive bass, those drums that mesmerize and Vandenberg slaying on the guitar with a great solo, it feels like 80’s hard rock heaven and it is glorious. “Hell And High Water” is a real Dio track with thick bass lines, great riffs and a funky keyboard, Romero hits all the right spots with some brilliant vocals and a fantastic solo from Vandenberg tops it all off. “Let It Rain” starts out as a slow-burning ballad before the drums kick in and it becomes a proper power ballad with a driving riff and a great bass, again Romero’s vocals are awesome, a grower the more you listen. “Ride Like The Wind” has a grittier feel with sneering like vocals at the start but as the song progresses Romero’s range gets bigger and with a funky drum beat and riff this song is a real earworm and will have you banging your head. “

Shout” is a real foot-stomper thanks to some great drumming coupled with savage guitar work it will have you screaming never mind shouting. “Shitstorm” is a barn burner with fast-paced drums, thick riffs, and bass, Romero excels again and Vandenberg continues to mesmerize with a cool solo. “Light Up The Sky” is a great fast track with a chugging riff that runs throughout the track that really sets the tempo and when Vandenberg lets rip he absolutely shreds and Romero sounds like Ronnie James Dio reincarnated. “Burning Heart” is a rehashing of Vandenberg’s biggest hit to date and it is pretty damn good. “Skyfall” closes out the album and it a case of saving the best till last, while the album is chock full of anthems this just stands out a mile, it has it all, a slow build-up with soft vocals that slowly builds momentum and power with a grinding riff, pounding drums, a thumping bass line, cracking vocals from Romero and a whopper solo from Vandenberg to feed even the most insatiable appetites as the track powers to a close.

2020 is out 29th May via Mascot Records and if you are a fan of 80’s hard rock or hard rock in general then you can’t go wrong here with one of the albums of the year.


Track Listing:

1. Shadows of the Night
2. Freight Train
3. Hell and High Water
4. Let It Rain
5. Ride Like The Wind
6. Shout
7. Shitstorm
8. Light Up The Sky
9. Burning Heart – 2020
10. Skyfall


Vandenberg are:

Adrian Vandenberg Guitars 

Ronnie Romero Vocals

Randy van der Elsen Bass

Koen HerfstDrums





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