Van Go Go – New Single “Imaginary Friend”

Van Go Go – New Single “Imaginary Friend”
Los Angeles, CA. – Michigan rockers Van Go Go are back with another kick-ass single “Imaginary Friend’, out now. It’s the follow-up to their mega-hit “Big Mistake”.

Van Go Go is Nathan Mackinder (vocals), Jason Schaller (guitar), Paxton Olney (bass) and Jonah Brockman (drums).

Although “Imaginary Friend” is only Van Go Go’s second single, they are certainly not new to the music scene. They formed in 2008, but broke up shorty after that. Realizing they had some unfinished business in 2020, they got back together to make magic again.

They’ve got plenty of awesome singles on the way and they all have a story or message, just like their latest single. Mackinder says, “This song is about betrayal. Some of your worst and most hurtful enemies start out disguising themselves as your best friend, what I call an “Imaginary friend”‘. 

“Imaginary Friend” was produced by super Producer/Engineer Chuck Alkazian (Pop Evil, Soundgarden, Tantric) at legendary Pearl Sound Studios (Asking Alexander, Eminem, Filter).
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